More than 25 hand-designed levels await you in Somnium

Somnium is a delicate platform where we have to help Jeremy to solve puzzles. We say delicate because of the details that it has in those levels designed by hand and in which it shows that everything is orchestrated so that we use a little the gray matter present in our brains.

A free title with an exquisite touch in the design, and although it is noted that be made by a single developer, and that is also characterized by its mechanics that will allow us to move boxes, activate switches for mechanical tapes and other types of mechanisms that we invite you to know.

Jeremy, the puzzles and Somnium


A single color game, save that moment when we are able to Jeremy arrives at the exit and that red beam is generated With a siren as sound effect. By the way, the environmental effects are very successful and are able to put enough to create a great atmosphere in each of the levels of this nice platform.

We are practically facing a platform with Typical left and right controls, jump and an action button to activate different mechanisms. Best of all, we are going to have to use our expertise to move boxes and make them worthwhile to exert the necessary pressure on some switches or even as a support to jump over all kinds of traps.

We can almost say that every element located in each of the levels of Somnium It is perfectly located for us to use it at some time. The complexity of the levels make us stay a few seconds thinking what to do and not go crazy to jump as if we were on other platforms.

A careful platform that coaxes


As happened to Destiny of Khando, in Somnium we will almost be willing to pass each level to know the difficulty next’s. What adds integers to the experience is Jeremy’s control, since he has his delicacy and demands that we have to be careful with the jumps. That is, we will have to reach the limits to reach some platforms.

But best of all are the mechanisms that we will find. The mechanical belts to move faster, those beams of laser light that we have to deactivate to be able to leave the level or those robots of the devil that will try to beat us so that we cannot complete a level. This is where the great truth of this platform is that has a lot of puzzle.

In total they are more than 25 levels that await you and each of them has its difficulty and originality. We appreciate that the developer has tried that each of them had their own thing. Many times we find ourselves in other platforms with the same level designs, so here at least they have worked it out. They do not have hundreds of levels, but better few and intricate than not many and simple.

The developer’s demon mechanisms


So we find ourselves before a delicate platforms with things very well done and we encourage you to try. It does not have many reviews yet, but we can assure you that it will be a matter of time that you start adding more positive stars and more players talk about their virtues and benefits; And there are many.

Technically it is a very well worked game as well as visually. We are left with its mechanisms and that ambient sound that puts the icing on the cake that is Somnium itself. A free title to be played and that has no micropayments. If you are looking for a careful platforms and in which it is noted that the developer has put all his love for gaming, it takes him a while to install it.

Somnium is a new platform with many puzzles in which all levels have been designed by hand. An artisan game that brings us to the purity of authentic platforms.

Editor’s opinion


  • Editor rating
  • 3 star rating


  • The design of each of its levels
  • The mechanisms to deactivate and activate
  • Ambient sound


  • Controls are off the screen in Note 10

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