Dragon Raja is a new MMORPG that tests your mobile

Dragon Raja is a new MMORPG that has entered beta status and that is characterized by its enormous quality that will make your mobile, if it is not a high-end one, have a bad time or die trying.

It uses the most Advanced Unreal Engine engine technology allowing colorful graphics and enjoy a physical collision system, while capturing movement for a gaming experience that can be seen on console or PC. Not only this, but to put before you a huge map to enjoy a lot of adventures. Go for it.

A gigantic open world

Dragon Raja

Having a gigantic open world in Dragon Raja It means that you will be able to explore a wide variety of recognizable environments such as Siberia itself or a large city such as Tokyo. In an MMORPG, having such a world is more than important to give value to the Mass of its own acronyms.

Dragon Raja

The first that Highlights in Dragon Raja is the great quality that has the character creation interface and that stands out both visually and technically. It gives us the first clues of what we will find later. As we can see the different outfits according to what we like, from the most urban to the most fantasy.

If we tell that we are going to need a installation of more than 3GB of data, as it puts on the product page, and it is true that when I installed it I had a good time downloading data (not all will be done at once), we are already opening a bite to what awaits us.

Fight in real time with a luxury PvP in Dragon Raja

Dragon Raja

Another of the tips of this new MMORPG called Dragon Raja It is your PvP. It offers the possibility that we test our dueling skills, enter battles where hundreds of players are fighting or fight for the honor of our clan against other clans.

Dragon Raja

All accompanied for a great PVE with a great variety of enemies and monsters It will be in the first moment of the game where they will give us a small brushstroke of the great painting that will be after the game experience. Final bosses and instances for what we could assume as raids. We will have to see how they integrate more content as the updates pass.

The Dragon Raja’s story takes us before the return to the life of the Dragon Lord and that was once sealed by a group of humans known as hybrids. So a great battle awaits us in an epic way and in which we will plunge casually or helped by the force that a clan can be.

A challenging MMORPG that returns to its origins

Dragon Raja

What we really like Dragon Raja is the return to the origins. It is true that we can press to go directly to the clashes, but it puts us before a control stick, a camera that we can handle to take the best perspective of the combat and a series of buttons for the skills. All this seasoned by its visual greatness and by some characters who are glad to be able to witness its details.

Owning Unreal Engine 4 means a display of virtues in the visual This means that in the first game our mobile will shake, just as it happened to us with a Galaxy Note 10+. It is true that the day has improved and the experience is already polished, but we make it clear, go preparing a good mobile. We are left with the great design of the characters and how well they move. An MMORPG that we hope will be very played and periodically updated with new content.

Dragon Raja arrives with all the desire to set a precedent and be an MMORPG really as we had them on PC. It has everything to be victorious, although demanding too much mobile resources will throw back many; although Black Desert Mobile is doing quite well. And we know well that the most played MMORPG of all time, as was Blizzard’s World of Warcraft, was because it could be played on low and medium range PCs. Now it’s your turn to try the experience.

Editor’s opinion

Dragon Raja

  • Editor rating
  • 3.5 star rating


  • Huge technical and visual display
  • Unreal Engine 4
  • Gigantic open world
  • The design of his characters

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Dragon Raja

Dragon Raja