IBM's supercomputer Summit has already identified 77 drugs to fight the coronavirus

The computing power of the IBM supercomputer enabled the components to combat the pandemic to be identified in just two days

The work of the

IBM Summit supercomputer

 already began to give its first results after the

identification of 77 components

that they could be part of a

treatment to combat the epidemic



 covid-19, according to the publication of the results of a project led by researchers from the

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

 in United States.

Summit's computing power enabled various digital simulations to be carried out to identify the reactions of the virus to the application of various drugs. Based on a base of 8000 components, the algorithms used in the supercomputer of


 they identified

77 potentially effective drugs

 for the treatment of disease in the human body.

"Summit managed to run the simulations in a day or two, a task that would have required months of work on a traditional computer," said Jeremy Smith, one of the authors of the

study published in the journal ChmRxiv


However, the researchers are cautious, despite the promising results. "It does not mean that we found the cure or the treatment. We believe that these results will provide a framework for researchers to focus their efforts on these components," added Smith.

At the moment, the most effective measures to combat the coronavirus epidemic are in isolation and social distance, in addition to hand washing.