Rebuild the warrior village in Evil Hunter Tycoon

Evil Hunter Tycoon is a new management game where we have to manage a whole medieval town where the most valuable warriors live. In other words, you are going to witness how warriors come to your town, and then just go hunting in the nearby areas; just as if they were the protagonists of those Devil-type RPGs.

But here the big difference is that we manage the town where they live and that is why we have to improve it in such a way that it is the best possible base. A curious way of facing a game in which we will enjoy as dwarves managing this town from which we will prevent the evil one from taking over all the power in the world.

Rebuild the village and be the Chief of the village

Evil Hunter Tycoon

Evil Hunter Tycoon is in Spanish and this is appreciated, since it has enough elements to have to have a good time to understand its mechanics. Basically we became the mayor or head of a border town with the forces of evil. In fact we will see the warriors come to town to get to work and eliminate all those enemies that surround us.

We will have the ability to build new buildings such as the infirmary, restaurant, tavern, hostel, blacksmith shop and many others. Which means that you are going to be able to create the best facilities so that the town is the base from which to defend against the evil one.

Since warriors are one of the base elements of this game, we have 4 different classes. Each of those warriors starts with a random level and class and we have no possible control over it.

Commission hunters missions in Evil Hunter Tycoon

Evil Hunter Tycoon

It will be in the facilities where we can develop hunters and send them on special missions in order to get experience points and rewards. At the same time we can train them with new secret skills and techniques.

If we do not have control over the characteristics of each hunter, we can create and modify the equipment of each of them. I mean, that we can equip them and make them more powerful to face enemies of great strength, both magical and physical.

And of course, there are also some special elements that contribute to a good gaming experience with Evil Hunter Tycoon. We talk about the dungeon that allows us to enter dark places and full of rewards, blow the horn to make appear to a final boss or PvP to fight against other hunters from other towns. That is, we are going to have fun in abundance with this interesting and creative game.

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Evil Hunter Tycoon

The one who be in Spanish allows us to quickly immerse ourselves in your experience. We really liked being able to equip the heroes and then follow them to see how they attack all those enemies that are scattered near the town. In fact we are facing an isometric view that allows us to zoom in and out and move freely around the town and its exteriors.

Evil Hunter Tycoon is a game very well carried out and that he proposes to manage a whole town that could be the base for each of those heroes that we have played in many moments in other games. Graphically it is well worked and we have not found any small flaw that tarnishes the interesting experience it achieves in the player.

Evil Hunter Tycoon has been released today and you can already be one of the first to progress the town to later fight against other players. A freemium game that you have available now to prevent the evil one from taking over the world, are you going to prevent it? We are already involved so that it is not so easy and thus duel. If you are already looking for a bizarre and different simulator, don't miss Despotism 3K.

Editor's opinion

Managing your own town from which warriors go to attack hundreds of enemies is a sensation.

Punctuation: 6.3

The best

  • Manage an entire town of warriors, archers, and more
  • Create all kinds of buildings and the PVP
  • Visually attractive


  • Maybe the tutorial is not very clear

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Evil Hunter Tycoon

Evil Hunter Tycoon