10 reasons to understand why Pokemon Go is a success

What's going on? And what is the fuss about? ¿Why Pokemon Go is a success? I detail the ones that I create 10 keys to understand why Pokemon Go, is sweeping and has just officially arrived in Spain.

1 – It's Pokemon

Why it is Pokemon, a brand recognized for years to anyone you ask. His long history within the industry not only of video games, but also drawings, merchandising and hundreds of other things, have equated Pikachu and his other friends, at the level of other great characters such as Mario, Zelda, etc… Surviving 20 years at the top, creating prolific products for different generations, ensures you a springboard to almost anything you do, and if it is good, more.

two – Just in time

The release date is key. Midsummer, just when the weather is nice to go outside and hunt Pokemons. Just when people have time for leisure. Just at the time when the first generation of children, 20 years ago, began to enjoy their Game Boy, which is now one of the most famous games of all time.

Precisely because of this concatenation of facts, the generation that is now 20-30 years old produces nostalgia and desire to play like those summers from over two decades ago. Needless to say, the most recent generations also feel trapped because they already know the Pokemon universe first hand through their Nintendo DS.

3 – It works

Because it is a product already tested, worked and working. The development of Pokemon Go is born directly from Ingress, a game developed by Niantic, a company that belongs to Alphabet (Google). Almost three years of development and work, have made the mechanics and operation of Pokemon Go from the beginning good. He has things to improve, but the huge database he drinks from was already created, and that work shows.

4 – Easy, simply

It is easy to use and everyone can play. It is almost obvious, but many games are complex or focused for a very familiar audience with advanced player controls and environment.

Precisely one of the sins of Ingress, its sister game, is its tremendous complexity, which creates a barrier to entry to the game, which Nintendo cannot afford, nor ever in any of its own titles, has made, and hence its success. throughout so many years, despite having neither the most powerful consoles, nor being up to date in many of the titles that have featured on Xbox or Playstation.

Capture a Pokémon in Pokémon Go

5 – VIRAL !!!

Because it is viral. Sometimes it doesn't take any attributes to be famous, just to be famous, or viral. In the case of Pokemon Go, for the reasons already explained, and those that I will continue to detail, it has become somewhat viral, a devastating social phenomenon And that precisely because it is, generates even more expectation and desire to try it for those who do not yet know it. It is the famous snowball effect.

There are hundreds of videos on the net showing how hordes of people flood parks, and squares in search of Pokemons, hundreds of articles on the websites and in paper newspapers talking about curious, dramatic stories, unusual events that have been done, thanks or through Pokemon Go. No one is oblivious anymore, to which Pokemon Go is a success, publicly and financially speaking for Nintendo.

6 – Get all of them !!

Because it is a game of collecting and discovering. Almost any game with good and attractive mechanics, whatever collecting things works, and we have two very recent and successful examples, such as Clash Royale or Hearthstone, collectible card games, each with its own style, which are top in the mobile segment.

Its development comes from two major developers within the industry, but it is no coincidence that they have chosen the theme, "collect", they have, because it always works. People's eagerness to collect things and discover new ones never fails, and Pokemon Go does.

7 – It´s free

It's free, and for the moment your in-app payments are not necessary. The mobile games that bill the most, by far, are the free games with in-app games, so far so good for things to work. Your in-app payments are not necessary to unlock new features, they are simply to advance faster.

Purchase packages Pokemon they are traced in prices and quantities to the gems that Supercell uses in his Clash. But very mischievously, Pokemon Go, in these first weeks of its launch has provided that Poke stops, which is where the resources that make you advance are obtained, they are recharged every 5 minutes, so that without moving much, you can fill them, and therefore, not have to resort to in-app purchases.

I am convinced that it is planned to make the game much easier and create a good user base. Later, this advantage will be cut so that Nintendo can start making cash, but for the moment, let's enjoy "the failure", and they take away the dance.

Pokémon Go on Google Play

8 – New

The mechanics of the game, is for many players, novel, despite how simple it is. Augmented reality has been with us for years, and in games, like Ingress, but it has had to be Pokemon Go who makes it popular, and that makes it attractive, for older players and also for younger players, even if there were already Nintendo titles DS to use it.

The fact that a video game makes them interact with the outside, going outside, is novel to them, and therefore exciting.

9 – For all audiences

Not (only) for geeks, or for ex-Pokemon players. Despite belonging to the 1st generation of children who grew up with Pokemon, I never played, but I did know them. This has been a good opportunity to peer into that world that I have heard so many times about and have seen play, to verify that it is neither so geek nor so complicated.

And surely like me, many of other generations have happened. It has allowed us to look out and see that it is fun even if you are not a child, and to understand why your children like it. It is a generational cross game and that parents, children or simply many different generations, are attracted, is already a success.

10 – It's Nintendo

Why it's Nintendo, and its value as a brand is very powerful. And precisely its absence in the mobile market during the years of the mobile gaming boom has created great expectation. It paved the way with Miitomo, which already had great success to be a simple social network with game overtones. Even the fact that in many countries it is not yet available, makes Hype and the desire to try it grow. It is the perfect breeding ground for a great launch.

It was curious to see how the large portable gaming company, with millions of units sold from its DS consoles, did not approach a market as similar as the mobile one, where it is entrenched, but the future of games, much of it. market, and profit. But it is already here, and this is only the beginning.