Hello Siri. Do I have coronavirus ?: virtual assistant guides you

Apple has made a questionnaire available to its users to guide them regarding the spread of SARS-CoV-2, all through the Siri virtual assistant.

By saying Hello, Siri. Do I have coronavirus ?, the tool ask users if they have symptoms of the disease, such as fever, dry cough or shortness of breath.

According to CNBC, Siri advises people who say they have extreme or life-threatening symptoms to consider calling 911 in the United States.

On the contrary, if they present less serious characteristics, the assistant recommends people to stay in their homes and avoid contact with other people.

Available since Saturday, March 21, according to reports from users themselves, the functionality will suggest whoever consults it to contact a medical professional if their condition worsens, added the television channel.

It also provides users with a link in the App Store, where they can download telehealth applications and potentially receive virtual inquiries, CNBC said.

The material with which the questionnaire was developed has been validated by the United States Public Health Service, which reports to the Department of Health and Human Services, as well as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as Apple later confirmed.

The media indicated that the service is intended for users in the United States. It is not known whether, or when, the service will expand internationally. In fact, the answer changed when taking the test from Latin America.

You can consult detailed information about the new coronavirus on the website of the Ministry of Health, was the brief interaction of the assistant when asked the question from Santiago de Chile, who shared a link to the respective government secretary.

CNBC recalled that Apple is just one of the tech giants that has mobilized its resources to help respond to the pandemic, which by press time had affected around 300,000 people worldwide.

Facebook said it planned to launch a coronavirus information center to appear alongside user news. It encourages people to take social distancing seriously and it also has a request or offer help page, ”he noted.

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