Pokmon Go Plus, the official bracelet can now be reserved

Pokemon go It is not officially available in Spain, but despite everything it is already succeeding in all cities. Memes, photos and anecdotes begin to flood the internet, making those who have not yet found out already know about the existence of this new game. And now that It is now possible to reserve the official Pokémon Go Plus bracelet from Amazon Spain, fans of the game have even more reason to continue hunting pokemon.

Everything indicates that he is going to be much more successful than his older brother Ingress, because… who doesn't like to catch pokemon and fight for gyms in your own city? It is like a dream from when many of us were children, come true. And the bracelet, despite being an optional accessory, adds much more fun to games.

Pokémon Go Plus, a bracelet that supplies a necessary function of the game

Pokemon go plus

If you have played Ingress you will know that the mobile notifies you or even on a watch with Android Wear about the nearby portals, which Pokémon Go does not do. Which is the solution then? Buy the wearable Pokemon go plus, an official Nintendo accessory that can be used both as a bracelet and as a pendant.

The function of the official Pokémon Go bracelet It is precisely that, and it is an accessory that will alert you when there are pokemon near your position. Today the reservation page for this accessory has been activated on Amazon Spain, and you can get it for € 39.90. The bracelet will be available in stock from the day August 12.

Nintendo - Pokmon Go Plus width =

Nintendo – Pokmon Go Plus

Share pokemon and use more poke stops

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On the other hand, and like in any other game, Pokémon Go is going to continue updating and adding new functions and features to the game. In a conversation with him Niantic CEO John Hanke, in Business Insider reveal that in the future it will be possible exchange pokemons with friends along with other ways to interact between users.

Also the poképaradaswhere you get items and gyms, where you can fight, they will receive more functions along with augmented reality, the use of the camera, which will also have improvements.

Beware of APKs. The only way to play in Spain

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If you don't want to wait you can download the APK of one secure page where they perform security checks such as APKMirror or Uptodown. Be very careful with the sources because as they tell us from Omicrono, there are versions of Pokemon Go with malware.

The server problems Given the large influx of people, they seem to have affected the worldwide launch of the game, which has had to be delayed, but once these problems are solved, we can enjoy the game worldwide. Surely soon if not this week. It only remains to wait. But rest assured, here we will notify you.

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