Puzzles, basketball and role-playing in the Android games of the week

Friday comes, the day the weekend begins, those days when you can relax and play a few games. Welcome to the Android games of the week, a section where we meet new games to enjoy with our Android.

After months of waiting, Pokémon Go is already here, one of the most anticipated games of the year. Although it is not currently on Google Play, we can already test it on Android, although it was not the only game to arrive.

Heroes of Incredible Tales

Heroes of Incredible Tales is an isometric perspective RPG that It stands out for its powerful graphics Thanks to its Unreal Engine 4 graphics engine (the game itself recommends a quad core processor, 1.5GB of RAM and 1.3GB of storage) in which we will have to advance through the world eliminating enemies.

As we eliminate enemies we will get better level, equipment and skills that we can use to fight against other players in PvP battles in real time. In addition to PvP, Heroes of Incredible Tales also has an online cooperative mode.

NBA Live Mobile

nba live mobile android games of the week

Most of us know NBA Live by now, one of the basketball games that is based on what is probably the most exciting basketball league in the world.

On NBA Live Mobile we can lead our team through transfers to play in the league or against our friends in friendly matches. If you like sports titles, it is a game that you cannot miss, even less when it is free to play.

Wonky Tower

Wonky Tower is a very simple puzzle game, but one that surely end up liking among the smallest of the house. In this game we will have to help Pogo the monkey to get all the possible bananas scattered in different levels.

To achieve this, we can place various objects on the stage that will help Pogo to get his precious loot. A calm and friendly game.

Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast

Yes, an Iron Maiden game, it may sound strange but it exists. In this game we control Eddie on a journey through space and time, with the aim of getting all the fragments of his soul to save the world.

It is a strategy game in which we can customize our style of play with various classes. A game made for fans of the band.


Zenge is a puzzle game that tells the story of Eon, a lonely traveler lost in time. Is about a game that invites us to relax with its calm music and some puzzles designed for those looking for a pure experience.

And pure is a great definition of this game, since it does not have scores, stars, in-app payments or ads that spoil us having a good time, although for this we will have to buy the game. Fortunately it is among the offers of the week, so we can buy it at a price of € 0.10.