Acceleration Mode now available in-game

The game of for Android has received an update that has brought with it a new game mode, the Acceleration mode (Rush mode in English).

In this same update, currently available exclusively on Google's mobile operating system (neither the iOS nor the PC version have received these news at the time of writing these lines), we will also find new daily missions and finally a Spanish translation of the game interface., what does the July 4th update bring?

Acceleration and daily missions in Agar io for Android

Acceleration mode, daily missions and Spanish translation, those are the news of the July update of for Android

Upon entering After installing the latest update, we will see that the main screen now shows a new button with the name of «Acceleration«. This button allows us to access a new game mode in which the games last five minutes, and our objective is none other than to achieve the highest possible score in this time.

Of course, to access the new mode Acceleration at We will have to have at least a level four in the game, which for a first-time player is achieved without excessive difficulty with a few hours of games on the servers.

On the other hand, It has also received a new mode of daily missions, available under the chest icon located in the upper left of the screen. This modality will allow us to access missions (we will have a new mission every 24 hours) that have reward chests whose content varies depending on the mission. We have tried to carry out the first daily mission, and the one that touched us was to reach 100 points of mass.

The new update is now available for download in the Google Play store, and to install it, all you have to do is enter the in the Google store (available at this link) and click on the "Update" button.