All the features of the Google Pixel 3

It is already a fact that the new third-generation Google pixel will be presented on October 9 since this has been confirmed as an official date by the company, now the characteristics and specifications of this device have been leaked.

To begin with, the most striking feature of the device will be the integration of Android 9.0 factory floor and that is that this device is adapted for said version so in theory, it will take better advantage of said system than any other terminal.

Also expected is a new feature known as Active Edge which can be executed in certain applications and that is that by pressing the sides of the device it will execute various actions and functions by default in applications.

On the other hand, the new software interface to be carried out in order to manage the main and front camera is revealed, as new functions are integrated and even Google Lens will be very important for this device.

As for design, it is expected that the normal version will equip a screen without notch, taking advantage of the fact that it includes a double front speaker, it only remains to wait for the official presentation to discover once and for all what Google has prepared for us with its new generation of devices. Smart to compete the high-end as well as what will be the availability worldwide.


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