Arma Mobile Ops, Arma's strategy lands on Android

To say that Weapon It has come to Android, considering the strategic touch of the new mobile game from Bohemia Interactive, it would be exaggerated to say the least. In any case, Weapon Mobile Ops It has been a reality for some days now, and it is a military strategy game that is now available for download free of charge from the Google Play store.

After the debatable success of Arma Tactics, the Arma franchise once again tries to assault our mobiles with a strategy game in which we have to put ourselves in the boots of a commander whose objective is none other than managing a military base. The game requires that we have an active internet connection at all times, but it has both a single player campaign and a multiplayer mode.

Arma Mobile Ops, military strategy under the seal of Arma

The Arma Mobile Ops game

Although it is named «Weapon»In his presentation, you can imagine that Weapon Mobile Ops it does not aspire at all to be an alternative to the famous PC franchise. It is a strategy game, and as such all the action takes place on a stage that is shown to us from a bird's eye view. We will have to build, attack and defend, all through a system of chests, coins and points that we are already more than used to.

In our first game in Weapon Mobile Ops We will have to start rebuilding a military base that, from what we are told in the introductory video, has suffered an attack and has been completely destroyed. Our first mission will be to build a "fuel factory" to supply the base; then, after giving life to an additional helicopter, we will have to generate a machine gun to defend ourselves from the first attack.

The game has quite decent graphics, so the first impression that the Android version of Weapon Mobile Ops takes the approved. What remains to be seen is whether he will get us hooked as we progress through the games.

Source: Bohemia Interactive blog