Badland 2 now available, one of the most anticipated sequels

In Android there are a large number of games of various types. While some games are very simple addictive puzzles, other games have more artwork behind them.

Among these games, Badland It is a title that is tremendously popular thanks to its great artistic section. One of the great platforms that today receives a new sequel.

Badland is a platform game in which we have to fly over the different levels with a series of creatures. Our objective is reach the end of the level avoiding them from falling into the various traps that we will meet in each phase of the game.

badland 2 3

One of the highlights of Badland 2 is that just like in the original game, it has some cool hand drawn graphics, which means that without having realistic graphics we can have a first-rate gaming experience. In addition to the visual style, its controls adapted to touch screens and its soundtrack contribute to further improve the experience.

Badland 2 is Available for free and with micropayments on Google Play. If we consider that the version released on iOS costs € 3.99, we could think that the fact that it is free is a good thing.

However, there is a detail in the Android version, and that is that the Frogmind guys have licensed the Android version to CheetahMobile, making it necessary to pay to remove ads or unlock the second half of the game, something that is a jug of cold water for those who expected to play the original title.

The game is currently on Google Play limited to certain countries. Although we can download the APK. UPDATE: It is now available for regular download.