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"We are playing basketball …" Put on sneakers, baggy pants like a rapper, and go play on the court. The application "BasketBall"That is the one we present today in this analysis, it's about that, about playing basketball. Put some baskets and enjoy this revolutionary application.

Only one player can play and I assure you it creates a 99% addiction

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Features & Use

The game "BasketBall"It is simply a" Casual Game ". It is easy to use, just by installing the game and starting to play you can intuit how the game is going without reading the rules or the tutorials. The rules are easy. It's about throwing the ball from various positions to put it in the basket. You can bounce the ball before on the ground and then jump to the basket, or if you prefer to play with the ball and then throw it directly into the basket.

"Basketball" is about putting as many baskets as possible: within a certain time, as many baskets as possible. This is what basketball is also about. The only difference in the game is the throw distance and the height of the ball in the different phases. You have to think every time you go to shoot, because each shot requires a different tactic.

For each shot inside you will get points. The rules are the same as in basketball.

You have different times to choose Zeitlngen zur Verfgung gegen die Du spielen kannst:

1 minute
2 minutes
5 minutes

Apart from this, you can also measure your level with another opponent. You can play against the computer or against an "unknown" on the network. Some levels can be played if a certain (very high) level of points has been reached.

"BasketBall" is a very good casual game and not only for basketball fans. It takes skill and ability to get the balls to the right angle and the correct speed to get to the basket. It is the perfect game to create a little addiction.

Display & Controls

The graphics of "BasketBall" are very detailed. Although it is not to shoot rockets either. But what I do know is the great work that physicists have done in making this application. Also thanks to that, the Android game "BasketBall"it's so fun.

The developer could have put more effort into designing the buttons. On my screen you will see the "Single Player Consecutive Modes" button a little cut off. Other than that, the settings are very confusing. I couldn't start with that.

What I personally liked a lot, is how the developer created the Multiplayer mode.

Otherwise, the layout in the main function has a good resolution. For this reason, we can rate this game in our review of up to four stars. This, of course, is rounding up in the September repechage plan, so we put an asterisk and say that it could become almost three stars …

Speed ​​& Stability

"BasketBall"It is fast. I am not a professional in the field, but I think the work that the physicists have done is clearly seen and very well done, really. It is incredible how they have calculated the movements of the ball. It works without problems, no It does not get stuck or any other type of problems The program occupies about 6 MB, so this is also fine.

Price / Efficacy

Very good. "BasketBall"It costs in the Android Market and in the AndroidPIT App Center 1.19 Euro. A more than acceptable price.

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