Bring your browser to life with the best Google Chrome themes

Bring your browser to life with the best Google Chrome themes

Sweets of different colors in a circular shape as part of themes of Google Chrome

Design is the spice of life, right? If that's the case why are you always looking at that boring old image from your favorite browser? With the new themes in Google Chrome, you have options to turn it into a beautiful work of art and, incidentally, add a little enthusiasm to your days at work or while browsing the Internet at home, regardless of your style or interest.


Chrome looks great on its own. It is simple, direct and easy to see. If you like that look, but maybe you want to change it a little, but not too much, these themes are for you. They take that classic Chrome aesthetic and make some subtle changes.

Google Chrome Material Dark theme
Google Chrome Modern Flat Themes

Google Chrome Oceanic Themes

Google Chrome Metal Black Carbon + Silver Themes


Like the previous minimalist themes, these themes re-coat your browser to darken things, dim the lights, and remove that gray-white color scheme common to Chrome Vanilla.

Google Chrome Just black themes
Google Chrome Morpheon dark themes
Google Chrome Slinky Elegant Themes
Google Chrome Dark reader themes

Dark Reader is technically an extension rather than a theme, but it does what a theme does and more. The download includes a menu where you can adjust the dark settings to match your browsing environment as needed. And this not only applies to the Chrome window, but also to all Google sites, social networking sites like Facebook and more. It is basically a dark mode for all your navigation!


Rising from darkness to light, we scoured the Chrome Web Store for the most colorful themes for anyone who wants their browser to look a little less boring. These themes keep things simple but inject a little color into your Chrome experience.

Google Chrome Blue / Green Cubes Themes
Google Chrome Themes Paint Blast
Sweet Google Chrome Themes
Google Chrome Colors Themes


The best landscape themes borrow a great photo and look from your browser based on the colors and overall feel of the original image. However, these themes do more than just change a color scheme – they will turn your browser into a window to the outside world.

Google Chrome Themes Norwegian Fjord
Themes of Google Chrome City and bridge in the fog
Themes for Google Chrome Greek Beach
Google Chrome Themes Isle of Skye Scotland


Sometimes you just need to look at a cute animal. Final point. Fortunately, these themes inject photos of cats and dogs into your everyday experience, so you can enjoy them every time you open a new tab.

Themes of Google Chrome Puppy love

Kittens Google Chrome Themes
Google Chrome Cat Themes

Outer space

Who says the dark mode has to be one color? If you want a darker theme for your Chrome browser but still want an interesting shot or a pop of color, these space themes might work for you.

Google Chrome Galaxy Aero 1440p Themes
Google Chrome Space Themes
Google Chrome Themes Unknown Space
Google Chrome Themes Lone Tree

Urban landscapes

Maybe you are not really interested in the peace and serenity of the landscapes and would rather have a bustling urban landscape scene gracing your browser. We can't blame you: the colors are often exciting and it's also a great way to enjoy travel photography.

Google Chrome Themes Seattle Night
Google Chrome Themes Singapore Navy Bay Themes
Google Chrome Themes City Lights

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