Clash Royale tournaments and new cards arrive

Clash Royale tournaments and new cards arrive

The guys at Supercell don't stop and keep adding new features to their latest big hit. The Clash Royale tournaments are now available, so you can battle for prizes with your friends or with any player. The Clash Royale tournaments They will be available to any player who has reached level 8.

In this new game mode, tournament participants will be randomly paired. The winner of each game will receive a series of trophies – while the defeated will lose them. The final classification will be determined by the number of trophies that the participants have accumulated during the celebration of the tournament. All participants will be able to open a chest with rewards

Clash Royale tournaments: up to 1,000 participants

To organize a tournament they will need at least 500 gems. With that amount you can celebrate one with 50 players. You will have to invest more jewels depending on the number of participants you want to host, reaching 250,000 gems to celebrate a tournament with 1,000 participants. The more people participate, more cards the winner will take.

clash royale tournaments

The duration of the tournament can also be configured, from one hour to three days, and a preparation time can be established before the competition starts. The users they can sign up at any time for a tournament as long as there are places, even if it is one minute before its end. In addition, you can be the spectator of games of any tournament, whether you participate in them or not.

Private tournaments and spectator mode

Clash Royale June Balance Update

If you want a tournament to be private, you can set a password to be able to join. In addition, Supercell has created three new tournament achievements: Joining a tournament, winning a certain number of cards in a tournament, and hosting a certain number of tournaments.

Supercell is clear that the success of the games no longer depends only on a good launch and the Clash Royale tournaments They are a spectacular addition to sustain player interest, and it shows that the company still has aces up its sleeve for the future of its game.

New cards and arena

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