Color Switch, the game that engages as much as Flappy Bird

When we talk about games, many are thinking of those great franchises that put all the meat on the grill, betting on the latest graphics and a long etcetera of aspects that all they do is increase the price of game development.

But if we stop to look at the success of games on mobile devices, we begin to observe that the game profile that sweeps is finally one that can be considered addictive game, a game in which improving little by little, passing levels … becomes our great challenge day by day.

Although last month we showed you a list of games that you should try, this time we present an addictive game that you have to try for yourself: Color Switch.

An addictive game for all ages

Screenshot 2016-07-01 at 20.12.58

When playing Color Switch, you just have to push a ball to go around all the obstacles, having to use the colors for it. For example, in the previous image (left), to get around the circle of the star we will have to push the ball just when the blue part of the same color as the ball is down.

From there, endless levels, different game modes, as well as different balls … allowing us to collect as long as we want.

Color Switch could summarize its success in simplicity when playing, which allows the game to be for all ages and in the concept of game for kill the time, that is, a game with which to be able to play a specific moment, without having to be a long continuous period, perfect for those moments when we are waiting for someone, on public transport or even at home.

If to all that you add a constant update rate Where not only do they add new options and new levels, but they correct the errors that users report to them, in the end success is guaranteed. Hence, if we take a look at people's comments, practically all agree on the same:

A game as simple as it is addicting

The application is free with advertising but offers a model freemium of which are so successful. And to demonstrate its good evaluation, we will only give the following data: more than 50 million downloads, chosen by the Editors, and with a rating of 4.5 out of 5 out of over 600,000 ratings.

What are you waiting to try it?