Primeros detalles sobre el smartwatch de Xiaomi

First details about the Xiaomi smartwatch

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I think we are not mistaken if we affirm that 2015 is going to be the year of smartwatches. Or, at least, it seems. All manufacturers are betting on this very recent sector, and proof of this have been the smartwatches presented over the last few months. Especially the boom that we have been able to experience during the Mobile World Congress.

Now, with the most in-depth presentation that Apple has made around its Apple Watch on March 9, many take the future of these devices more seriously in people's daily lives. At least that's the way Xiaomi thinks, which has waited until this field of watches was a little more mature to launch its threat against competition.

Last November, alarms went off around the possibility that Xiaomi would enter the world of smartwatches. Now it seems that the Chinese company already has everything ready to prepare its first smartwatch. His intention is to sweep in this sector, and launch an alternative that leaves competition to the ground, betting on the weak points that the smartwatches from most manufacturers: this is, above all, in the design sections, especially due to thinness and battery life. Something in which, currently, no manufacturer stands out.

From Gizmochina 36krypton sources are echoed, in which they ensure that the Xiaomi smartwatch is committed to a larger diameter cThey are a technology that allows their user to be recognized by the rhythm of the cardiac pulse. Something that may sound a bit like science fiction. Noted for a metallic finish and considerably thinner thickness compared to what we can see in the competition today, such as the Moto 360. However, its main attraction lies in its value for money where the Xiaomi terminal is expected to make a difference.

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However, the Mi Band 2 seems to be dropping in a relatively short period of time, but the watch will probably have to wait a few more months until Xiaomi presents it.

Xiaomi get shadow in the environment of smartwatches?

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