Galaxy Note 2 – Essential tricks with the S-Pen

Galaxy Note 2 – Essential tricks with the S-Pen

The most characteristic of the Samsung Galaxy Note is its S-Pen. The arrival of Galaxy Note 2 has made this electronic pencil better. This tool facilitates daily work on the 5-inch screen and at the same time offers many functions to optimize the use of your smartphone. Below we tell you the most important.

Friends Page (Page Buddy)

It is a panel with the most relevant applications or widgets. It is the first thing we will discover in our Note 2, since it will come out when we take out the S-Pen. It will also appear when we connect our terminal to some dock.

Open Applications menu and undo actions

To open the application menu we just have to press the button of our S-Pen and draw an arrow on the screen from left to right in the form of a mountain. If we do the same, but from top to bottom we can undo the last action we have taken, such as closing the menu or if we are browsing the Internet, go to the previous web page.

galaxy note 2 s-pen 2

Left: Open menu / Right: undo or return

Take screenshots

To take a screenshot we have several ways. As in the Samsung Galaxy S3, we can do it by sliding the left right hand, or vice versa, on the screen; or by simultaneously pressing the on / off key and the home. Thanks to the S-Pen we have another quicker and easier way: we just have to press the pencil button and touch the screen for a while until we hear the shutter sound.

Open S-Note quickly

Life goes fast and, therefore, our notes too. We may find ourselves in a situation where we have to write something down right away. Doing it with the S-Note program has never been faster. We just have to press the S-Pen button and double click on the screen. It does not matter on which side of the screen we do it, as well as if we are on the desktop in some other menu.

galaxy note 2 s-pen 3

Text selection

Those who like my father have very wide fingers and therefore do not understand precision. With the S-Pen we can select texts from documents or web pages just by pressing the button and, touching the screen, slide the pencil tracing a line through the text from left to right. Well, in my case I have found a small defect and that is that it does not work with all applications.

galaxy note 2 s pen 4

Quick Comand

Quick commands are symbols that we can perform with the S-Pen on the screen to perform certain actions. To open the quick command menu we have to slide the S-Pen from bottom to top while holding the button. In this menu we will see the default icons, but we can also add some of our own. For example, I have created one to open Chrome and to mute the phone.

galaxy note 2 s-pen 5 "src ="

For this, we have to go to Menu > Adjustments > S-Pen > Quick command settings.

galaxy note 2 s-pen 6 "src ="

Image preview

When opening the gallery we can navigate through the images in a very simple way without having to open the folder. We just have to position the S-Pen slightly on the folder without touching the screen and a window with the thumbnails will appear. A useful enough function to have a quick view of the content. This is thanks to technology called S-Pen Air View, which manifests as a small blue dot on the screen. This function requires activation through Menu > S-Pen.

galaxy note 2 s-pen 7 "src ="

galaxy note 2 s-pen 8 "src ="

Select areas of the image

On many occasions we are only interested in a specific section of the image. With the S-Pen we can select only the portion that interests us by pressing the button and surrounding the area in question. The selection is saved in the gallery and can also be shared via email or chat.

galaxy note 2 s-pen 9 "src ="

S-Pen as mouse

When we surf the Internet with our computer it is quite common to find menus on some web pages that open just by placing the mouse cursor over it. Unfortunately, we cannot do it on a smartphone or tablet. But, with the Note 2 s through S-Pen Air View, this as with a mouse we bring the S-Pen slightly closer to the screen and voil.

galaxy note 2 s-pen 9

What did you think? If you own a Galaxy Note 2, do you know these tricks? And if you are not, do you want to buy one?

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