Her Story, solve a murder in this sinister game

Her Story, solve a murder in this sinister game

Her Story it is, according to its own creators, «a game about a woman talking to the police«. Despite the simplicity of its description, in its little more than a year of life, this indie title has won multiple awards around the world, and Now it lands in the Google Play store.

In Her Story we put ourselves in the shoes of an investigator who faces the video recordings of an interrogation carried out on a British woman in 1994. This woman comes to testify regarding the disappearance of her husband, and our mission is none other than that of solving the murder of the man through seven interviews divided into a multitude of different video clips.

Her Story, investigate a murder through interrogation

This is the game Her Story

The mechanics of Her Story It puts us in the shoes of a police officer who has access to a computer connected to a database that contains the video fragments of the interrogations. As we can see in this gameplay, our mission is to browse the desktop for clues to help us find the culprit of the murder.

The only questionable detail of the arrival of Her Story To the Google Play store is that to acquire it we will have to go through the box, paying no less than 3.29 euros. Also, the game is in English. But, if we have some credits left in Google Rewards, this game is a good excuse to polish our level of English during the summer months.