How to fix Samsung coverage problems

How to fix Samsung coverage problems

These tips can be used on most Android phones. Among them, the Galaxy A40, A50 or A7 2018. Also the Galaxy S7, Galaxy S8, S9 or S9 +, as well as the Galaxy 10 or Galaxy Note 8, Note 9 and Note 10 range. The low range, such as the Samsung Galaxy J3 and J5 also often have coverage problems.

First of all, it is important to check if the low coverage is because of your Samsung mobile or in the area. You can check it by putting the SIM card in another device. Or, consulting the coverage map of your operator. If you see that the level is lower than it should be, follow these steps.

Reset mobile network settings

First, reset the network settings. This will reset the wireless connection settings to their factory defaults. Don’t worry, you won’t lose the data on the phone, but you must enter the passwords of the different WiFi networks, as well as the paired Bluetooth devices and the data settings of your operator.

To reset, go to Settings> General administration> Reset> Reset network settings. Click on the button that says ‘Reset settings’. Then confirm the PIN of your device and press ‘Reset’ again. A warning will appear in a few seconds as the data has been reset. Restart the mobile. Wait a few minutes and check if the signal has grown.

Insert the SIM card into another slot

If your Samsung mobile is dual SIM and you only have one card, try inserting the slot in the other tray. Maybe you will get more coverage. To remove the tray you only need the extractor key that comes in the box. Or a little clip.

Activate data roaming

If you live in the European Union, you can keep data roaming turned on. This is disabled by default on Samsung phones, and can make us gain a little more coverage. To activate it, go to Settings> Connections> Mobile networks> Data roaming. Activate this option.

Do you have a cover on your mobile? It could be the problem

You should be aware that some phone cases make the network signal decrease. Therefore, if you have a case on your phone with metal components, it may be affecting the coverage. Take it off and check after a few minutes if the level has risen.

Change network mode


This option is perfect for those who need coverage for calls. This is to disable the connection of 4G networks automatically, and apply the 3G network. This means that, while this option is active, we will not be able to enjoy a 4G connection. However, we will see how the signal increases. To make this change, go to Settings> Connections> Mobile networks> Network mode. Select Only 3G. After a couple of minutes you will see how the coverage bar grows considerably.

If you want to activate the 4G connection again, follow the same steps and check the first option that appears in the list.

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