How to use Netflix Party: the movie sharing app

Before we rented DVDs and now we subscribe to Netflix. Times have changed, but the desire to watch movies and series with friends is not: sitting around the TV to enjoy a good movie with the family will never go out of style.

Given the situation of confinement in which we find ourselves due to the covid-19, it is difficult (if not impossible) to get together with friends to enjoy those moments of group film.

Maybe for this reason, Netflix has launched Netflix Party, an app that works as an extension of Google Chrome and that allows you to watch the same movie as your friends at exactly the same time and chat on screen while you do it.

If you're the type of person who can't watch a movie without discussing the plot, Netflix Party is the app you need to make isolation more bearable.

However, keep in mind that all friends who want to see the movie with you must have their own Netflix account or, at least, access to one.

For Netflix Party to work, everyone must have the Chrome browser and the Netflix Party extension. You will have to use the desktop version of Chrome, as the extensions are not compatible with the mobile versions. That means you cannot see on your iPad, iPhone or Android.

To get started with Netflix Party, head over to and click Install Netflix Party. On the next screen, click Add to Chrome. You will see an NP icon appear at the top right of the browser window.

Now open Netflix and start playing a movie. Click on the NP icon at the top of the window. By default, all guests can control the Netflix party, but you can change this by checking the box. To start the Netflix party, click Start the party.

This popup now offer a share link that you can send to your friends. Click Copy URL to add it to your clipboard, and then paste it in an email or instant message to your friends.

You and your friends can chat with each other simply by typing in the field to the right of the movie and hitting Enter.

To end the Netflix party, click the NP icon again and choose Disconnect. And now s: to enjoy in isolation the conditions with your friends!

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