Idle and shooters all together in Space Core: Galaxy Shooting

Space Core: Galaxy Shooting is almost the mix between a shooters and those idles in which we must continually evolve the armament of a ship, city or any type of infrastructure.

Here we have the mix of using our ship ourselves through levels in which geometric figures become the enemy to finish. The final bosses are not lacking, although we do miss some greater variety in settings and that there were more elaborate ships, since in the first levels they are more than just triangles.

Idle and mantamarcianos, do you sign up

Space Core: Galaxy Shooting

Space Core: Galaxy Shooting is a interesting game to mix those two genres that each one has its large number of followers from the Google Play Store. Perhaps by wanting to merge the two, he has put aside what we always like about a mantamarcianos: a variety of enemy ships and those environments that indicate that we are exploring some corner of the universe.

But it is true that this idle and constantly improving side allows us to be passing between the same combat to that more relaxed part of devising and meditating where we will spend what is obtained in combat. We have a variety of weapons for generate great damage in combat, just as we will see how those same weapons are established in our ship at the time of improving them.

It is perhaps the idle part that generates this addiction of wanting to improve the ship, apart from the fact that we are forced to do so according to let's make progress and beat those final bosses. They are numerous by the way, although, and we repeat ourselves, the variety is very scarce. It is true that they are geometric, but hey, there are always ways to use ingenuity and creativity.

Movement in Space Core Combat: Galaxy Shooting

Space Core: Galaxy Shooting

One of the virtues, and that may also be one of its details, is the movement of our ship across the screen. Maybe like we don't have those environments in the background that allow us to create the feeling of exploring a plain, we almost have the feeling that we move our ship from top to bottom to avoid that final boss with a lot of life.

It is very clear that as we advance we will generate a greater amount of damage in combat, just as the spectacular visual effects will be highlighted. It is true that here they have worked a lot and there is a good variety of weapons, like those that we can collect as we kill those cursed triangles.

A mantamarcianos that moves away from the classics like Strikers 1945 and that was released recently on Android for nostalgic for the great 1943. What we do recommend it openly for having those elements that we usually look for in this type of game: improve the ship and engagements with spectacular visual effects.

A little here and there

Space Core: Galaxy Shooting

The truth is that we appreciate that video game studios try bring new things to the genre. Space Core: Galaxy Shooting knows how to play its cards, and it would not be a bad thing if they had brought with them environments and something that gave us the feeling of being in a galaxy; We not only live on enemy ships, but on planets, asteroid belts, etc.

Visually it is a very nice game and in which it invites you to improve the ship so that later you can see the effect it has with those striking visual effects. It has a good performance and we do miss a greater variety of enemies, since in the first levels we will simply find triangles. The final boss will be another, but larger.

Space Core: Galaxy Shooting comes to Android with a different bet that invites to be played. With this barrage of games it may be more difficult to maintain a player base, but to test it and see if it convinces us, there you have direct access to download from the Google Play Store.

Editor's opinion

A good shotgun in which we miss a little more depth in their surroundings to make it look like we are exploring space.

Punctuation: 6.2

The best

  • His approach
  • Many improvements to the ship
  • Quite a few screen effects are generated


  • It lacks a little more variety in the first levels

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Space Core: Galaxy Shooting

Space Core: Galaxy Shooting