Instagram launches quarantine sharing feature

The COVID-19 pandemic is causing all social media platforms to adapt some features and release tools to deal with the tedious days of isolation.

And one of the latest apps to get something out is Instagram, as it is launching Co-Watching, a feature that will allow you to browse posts with your friends via video chat in the app. It can be accessed by starting a video chat through the Instagram direct messaging tab and tapping the photo cone at the bottom left of the video chat screen. Allows you to view saved, liked, and recommended posts together as a group.

Instagram Co-Watching

What other things does this tool include:

  • The new misinformation measures include a new educational alert at the top of the search results to connect users to the resources of the World Health Organization (WHO).
  • stickers that promote accurate and verifiable information from health authorities (such as a "Stay at home" sticker to promote social distancing).
  • More aggressive removal and restraint of coronavirus-related content on the Explore tab.
  • decreasing content in both Instagram feed and Stories that do not meet the requirements of third-party data verifiers.

In that final line, Instagram informed that they will not admit any publication related to the coronavirus that is false or that generates confusion among users.

"We will also begin to reduce content in feeds and Stories that have been rated as false by third-party fact checkers," added the photo-sharing platform.

Instagram Co-Watching 2

Recall that last year, Instagram already changed its publication and verification policies.

"In May 2019, we started working withinformation verifiers outside the United States to identify, review, and label false information. These independent allies evaluate false information in order to help us contain it and thus limit its distribution. Today we are expanding our information verification program globally to allow organizations around the world to evaluate and rate disinformation on our platform, ”they maintain on their official site.

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