New Issue of Strategic Tactical Marketing Magazine Now Available

Strategic Tactical Marketing Magazine for iPad, iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPhone

It is now available for download on iPad and iPhone, and completely free of charge,the new issue of Strategic Tactical Marketing Magazine. We have already told you previously about this magazine that reveals the secrets of marketing and its application in the markets, but the new number is already available and we do not want to miss the opportunity to talk about it. What can we expect from the new issueof Strategic Tactical Marketing now that the Spanish economy is recovering?

Identify market opportunities and plan the growth of your business with Strategic Strategic Marketing Magazine

The article that opens this new installment will allow you to become the trainer that no company can miss. Thanks to the interview with "Teachers of teachers" you will discoverhow to become the trainer who charges 15,000 euros per presentation.

Also, this new issue of the magazine brings you eight articles of rabid news with which you can identify market opportunities and plan the marketing and growth of your business, emphasizing consumers and your competitors. Here we present them to you.

6 reasons why your offer does not sell

Have you prepared an online course and nobody buys it? Have you invested in that star product that was going to solve your life and see how it piles up in your warehouse? In this post you will be able to know and discover the reasons why your product or the service you offer does not sell.

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<h2 id=What is Cross Media Marketing?

You will know What is the Cross Media Marketing strategy?. Differentiate them from other strategies and implement them in your company to attract the attention of users and interact with them. Find out how companies such as Vodafone and McDonalds have applied this strategy.

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<h2 id=How to enhance your content strategy with online videos

Have you ever thought about showing your products or services in video? The Internet offers you the possibility of using audiovisual information to reach your audience and future buyers. Do you know how to make a video? Do you know in which social networks you can publish it? In this article they offer you the secrets to creating an effective online video.

Free SEO eBooks that cannot be missed in 2014

One of the big concerns that you will have when you have an Internet presence with your website is that your company appears in the first positions of the searches. It is what is known as web positioning or SEO. This article introduces you to several free SEO guides so that you know how search engine indexing algorithms like Google or Bing work and how you can optimize your website so that it rises in the list of results.

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<h2 id=The phenomenon "Big Data": How to use it for the benefit of your SME

Until the appearance of Google, the Big data it was a little used concept. Now, practically everything you do on the Internet has its repercussion in the ads you see, in the music it recommends, in the people you maybe know … You will know what Big Data is, how it can benefit your company and what analysis tools you can use to take advantage of all that information.

Experiential Marketing: Direct to move

A new concept lands in the world of marketing: experiential marketing. Know how you can create an emotional connection between your product or service, its consumption and the consumer. Create that emotional connection to differentiate yourself from your competitors and create a strong bond between the consumer and your product.

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<h2 id=Press releases, s or s in a marketing plan

If you are not, you do not exist. Use all the tools available to make yourself known. Create a marketing plan and put in the mouth of all the products and services you offer. In this article will be emphasized in the press releases and the importance they have among consumers.

10 content tactics for your blog that you should know

One of the first tools used on the Internet to have a presence is the blog. You know all the secrets of your blog? Throughout ten points you will learn how to get the most out of your blog: content, search engines, readers, users, buyers, …

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<p style=To finish, an interview in which they will reveal the secrets of the email marketing They will put the cherry on top of this fantastic issue of Strategic Tactical Marketing magazine. What are you waiting to download it?

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