Ninja summons young people to stop the epidemic

Ninja summons young people to stop the epidemic

Following the example of celebrities like Ryan Reynolds and Jimmy Fallon, Tyler "Ninja" Blevins has made a powerful contribution to the fight against COVID-19. Along with making an energetic call to youth, the popular Fortnite streamer announced that he and his wife Jessica will donate $ 150,000 to Feeding America.

"I have been fortunate enough, specifically broadcasting, to be in the financial situation my wife and I are in now. It is amazing, so we want to return as much as we can to the families that are being affected, ”he said in a video posted on his Twitter account.

According to Digital Trends, Blevins also encouraged anyone who can afford to donate to the charity of their choice to help support the fight against the pandemic, which at press time totaled just under 400,000 and just over 17,000. deceased all over the planet.

In particular, the non-governmental organization (NGO) that Ninja, Reynolds and Fallon contributed to, Feeding America, operates more than 200 food banks. In these quarantine times, while many schools that offer free or low-cost meals are closed and parents are unable to work, the entity distributes food to needy children.

"This is not just our money, this is on behalf of Team Ninja being able to donate $ 150,000 to Feeding America," added Jessica Blevins, who serves as her husband's representative.

Ninja alerted the young public to take the situation seriously, stressing that one of the best strategies to curb the rise in infections that this Tuesday, March 24 exceeded 45,000 in the United States is confinement.

We see many young people who do not practice social distancing, which is something that we should all be doing, since it will help us not to transmit the virus to more people. We have to do everything in our power to go down the curve. I feel like it is the job of every influencer to make sure that we are telling our audience how important this is, said who made himself known as a professional Halo player.

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