Tango Voice & Video Calls – Totally free calls and video calls!

They will not be able to cheat you anymore if you have the application of Tango Voice & Video Calls in your power. Enough of those phone calls from your friends who say they are already arriving and are actually still leaving the house. Now thanks to this application you can talk to your friends and see at the same time where they are and even with whom, as long as the other person wants. Thanks to Tango, you can make video calls for free to any user anywhere in the world who also has Tango on their mobile device, both for Android and for iPhone or tablets.

The truth is that it is a luxury also for those people who are outside and that we cannot see day by day. With Tango we can talk on the phone with our family or friends who are living in another city or country. With Tango there are no borders that are worth.

As you can see, it is an application that does not have any drawback. Well, yes, it only has one: for those parents who watch their children at all times and need to know where their children are at all times. But for that you will already find a solution.

Features & Use

It is as easy to use as talking on the phone. Tango Voice & Video Calls automatically takes the numbers from your phone's SIM card or from your contacts stored on your mobile phone and indicates which of your contacts has the Tango application on mobile with a small camera next to it and the name of the contact bold. If you prefer, you can also configure it so that only users with the application appear. So I have it.

The application is in English and is very easy to use and very intuitive. You also have the option to view your call history, you can invite your contacts to download the application so you can also make video calls with them and thus be able to enjoy good times together, since your friends, if you want, will not They will lose any "moment" that you are enjoying by yourself or when you see something that reminds you of one of your friends.

Tango does not have advertising in its application, which is a great point in its favor. Allows you to make calls and video calls from 3G, 4G and WiFi connections.

As I mentioned above, it is very easy to make the video call. Just click on the contact and start the call. It takes about 20 seconds until the two cameras of the two users turn on and the two can be seen. After everything will go perfectly. The bad thing is that you have to stretch your arm a lot so that the other person sees you whole. And of course, if you are so far from the mobile, it is more difficult for the other person to hear you correctly. But hey, so that your friends can hear you well, I recommend a close-up all the time. :]

Display & Controls

The video call is in full screen mode, which is perfect. Depending on the connection of each one, the quality will be better or worse. But, seeing other programs or applications of this type, such as Skype, the quality is very similar.

To make it the perfect application, I would put Tango Voice & Video Calls the function of sending text messages, as in Viber or WhatsApp. Then already, it would be the perfect application and it would be a free phone that works only with the Internet.

Speed ​​& Stability

The truth is that it takes a long time from a user accepting the call until the video is turned on and the other person can see you. I would pay more attention to this problem if Tango Voice & Video Calls had to do a version of this wonderful application someday. The good thing is that the call, so far, has not hung up and the application always works.

Price / Efficacy

The price of Tango Voice & Video Calls it is the best of all. It is totally free! And you can find it in both the AndroidPIT App Center and the Android Market. I recommend it to you.