The animoji of the Xiaomi Mi 8 in video! And photos of its box, design, features …

The Xiaomi Mi 8 It will be presented in three days but before that we will know much more about this new mobile. The leaks begin to overlap and in one day we were able to confirm the design of this new model, some specifications that we did not know and even what the animojis who will use.

The animoji of the Xiaomi Mi 8

It was speculated that the Xiaomi Mi 8 would implement an advanced facial recognition system similar to that of the iPhone X. That would imply that this technology could be used to scan users' faces and animate elements, as is done in Apple's animoji. .

What we did not expect is that they looked so much like those of the Cupertino company, at least as we see in a leaked video in which one of the animojis is Bunny, Xiaomi's mascot.

Sale box

Along with that video, more things have been leaked. One of the most interesting, due to the information it gives, is the sales box.

In some photographs we have seen a sealed one, but on the back it shows us some of the characteristics of this model.

Some data, such as that there will be a variant of 6 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal memory, we already knew. Also that it would have a Snapdragon 845.

But others were not so sure, as the front camera is less than 20 Mpx and especially the Dual gps of the one who shows off. It is a feature that we have not seen so far and that we will have to wait for the presentation to know how it improves the current positioning experience.

Complete design

A poster has also been leaked in which we see the complete design of this model, both front and rear.

It is confirmed that the fingerprint sensor will be on the back and it will not be integrated into the screen. There are more photos that confirm this design although due to the position of the terminal it is not clear that the sensor is located in that position.

On the 31st we will know everything about this model, in addition to the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 and who knows if other mobiles.