The Dual Screen is an accessory that duplicates the screen of the V50


This is how the secondary screen of the V50 looks, the closest thing LG has to a folding cell phone to date.


Finally, LG did not present a flexible phone or even a prototype in this edition of the Mobile World Congress. However, the Korean company presented an accessory for its new phone, the LG V50, which adds features similar to those of a folding cell phone.

The accessory is simply called Dual Screen for LG V50 and it is a kind of case that incorporates a secondary screen in which we can dock the device. Once we added the case to the phone, both screens are synchronized to perfection, working as if it were a single screen, although we still see a strip between them.

The idea slightly reminds us of ZTE's Axon M, since when consuming multimedia content it is inevitable that we see that strip in the middle. In addition, by adding the accessory the phone increases considerably in weight and thickness: the screen weighs 131 grams and is 15.5 millimeters wide.

Despite these details, the new Dual Screen gives the V50 new functions that would not be possible without it. For example, LG talks about the Mirror Mode, an ideal mode for selfies whereby we can see our appearance before we press the shutter button.

Likewise, LG explains the Reflector Mode, which completely illuminates the screen in white to make it a perfect focus for close-up selfies. The Dual Screen also acts as a Game Pad and with it we can play our favorite mobile games as if it were a controller.

Regarding its price and availability, LG has confirmed nothing more than not reaching the United States and at the moment it is not known whether to reach Europe. The same happens with the price, since at the moment there is no official confirmation on it.

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