The science fiction books adapted to television you should read

With generations of screenwriters and directors inspired by fantastic stories and speculation about what the future of Earth, the Universe, or fictional societies might be, science fiction literature has always been a fertile ground for film and television. . With anthology series like Black mirror Y The Twilight Zone, examples of science fiction books adapted to television abound and we have selected some of the most attractive.

Science fiction books adapted to television‘Foundation’ is one of the science fiction books adapted for television.

3001: The Final Odyssey

By Arthur C. Clarke

The fourth and last installment in the series Odyssey in the world of Arthur C. Clarke, which began in 1968 with 2001: A Space Odyssey, returns to the roots of the saga for its final chapter. This 1997 novel brings back the protagonist of 2001, Frank Poole, and continues to explore the nature of humanity's origin and relationship with the mysterious monoliths created by the even more mysterious entities that traverse space and time known as the "Firstborn".

Stanley Kubrick's ground-breaking 1968 film, based on 2001, is considered to be one of the best science fiction movies, so it is not surprising that the last chapter of the series has been the subject of development rumors since it was published. 3001. In 2014, Syfy announced plans for a miniseries based on 3001 With Ridley Scott as producer, but beyond a brief mention as "in development" in 2016, there have been no updates since that announcement.


Annalee Newitz

This 2017 novel was written by Annalee Newitz, co-founder of the science fiction website io9, and is set in the year 2144. The story follows the pirate-turned scientist Jack, whose efforts to bring proprietary medicine to people in need are complicated. , when one of the drugs has fatal side effects. He is hunted around the world by a shadowy human agent and his robotic partner, as they try to prevent the secret of the dangerous drug from being revealed.

AMC opted for the book in November 2018 with plans to turn it into a television series. A pilot episode was co-written by Newitz with screenwriter and producer Amanda Segel (Person of Interest, Nikita).

Beacon 23

By Hugh Howey

This story by the author of Wool Hugh Howey was released in 2015 in a five-part serialized format and then compiled into a full novel. It tells the story of a former 23rd-century soldier who is tasked with operating a lighthouse in deep space, destined to guide spacecraft through the universe, just as ships did on Earth. When the lighthouse fails, he must face his own demons to avoid disaster.

The television rights of Beacon 23 were acquired in April 2016 by Studio 8, with the creator of The Sarah Connor Chronicles and the writer of Avatar 3Josh Friedman, who will write and produce a series based on Howey's novel. However, as of October 2018, the series is in development for Charter Communications' Spectrum Originals studio, with Ready Player One, and the writer of The avengers Zak Penn, adapting Howey's novel.


By Isaac Asimov

Considered one of the best science fiction series written and with a Hugo Prize to its credit, the saga Foundation Isaac Asimov's story unfolds over thousands of years in human history among the stars. The account follows a brilliant mathematician and generations of scholars who act on his predictions, as they attempt to preserve the collective wisdom of the human race in the face of an impending collapse of civilization. The series started as a trilogy, only for Asimov to add four more chapters to the story, two prequels and two sequels, 30 years after the publication of the first book, Foundation.

The co-creator of WestworldJonah Nolan announced in 2015 that he was developing a television series based on the saga. Foundation for HBO, but then the project stopped. Two years later, a new version of the project emerged with David S. Goyer (The Dark Knight) and Josh Friedman (War of the worlds) as executive producers and showrunners. In April 2018, Apple won a bidding war to stay on the series, with a total of 10 episodes.


By Frederik Pohl

The first novel in Frederik Pohl's award-winning Heechee saga, Gateway, chronicles humanity's efforts to investigate an alien space station discovered on an asteroid, and then learn to use its technology. The novel and its aftermath describe the dangerous experimentation to determine what the station is capable of, and the political ramifications of finding a possible technological goldmine for the human race.

In August 2015, Syfy announced plans to develop Gateway as a series of one-hour sequences, with David Eick (Battlestar Galactica) and Josh Pate (Falling Skies), as executive producers. Eick will also serve as showrunner in the series. Since then, there has been no news about the series, so it is unknown what stage the adaptation is in.


By Dan Simmons

Dan Simmons' mind-blowing saga follows a group of seven people in the distant future who are chosen to make the pilgrimage to the enigmatic Tombs of Time on the planet Hyperion, in the midst of a galactic war. They know that one of the travelers is a space for the enemy, and that the tombs, the strange monuments that seem to go back in time, are guarded by the terrifying and metallic Shrike.

That is the basic synopsis of Hyperion, the first novel in the award-winning Simmons saga, which among its followers includes actor Bradley Cooper, from The Hangover fame. Cooper is currently working with Syfy to adapt it as a "series of events." Basically, an extended miniseries, with the writer of Boardwalk Empire, Itamar Moses, developing the script. The adaptation was announced in 2015, but until now it is unknown how advanced the project is.

Luna: New Moon

By Ian McDonald

Luna: New Moon, whose story unfolds 50 years after the colonization of the moon, the novel recounts the machinations and intrigue of the five families as they fight for control of the satellite. Known as "The Five Dragons," the Five Dynasties sabotage, poison, marry, and stab each other in a constant struggle to increase their influence over the feudal society that has developed on the lunar surface.

Ian McDonald's novel is often described as game of Thrones on the moon, so there is no intense bidding war for your adaptation rights. CBS Television prevailed in this battle in 2015 and commissioned writer and producer Shane Brennan (NCIS) its development.

Paper Girls

By Brian K. Vaughan and Cliff Chiang

This clever series of science fiction comics written by Brian K. Vaughan, scribe of Y: The Last Man, follows a group of 12-year-old girls whose newspaper delivery work takes a strange turn when their small town of Cleveland is seen engulfed in a war between rival factions of time-traveling invaders. The series lasted 30 issues, debuting in 2015 and concluding in July 2019.

When the series ended, Amazon Studios won a bidding war for the rights to adapt the comic for television, with the co-writer of Toy Story 4, Stephany Folsom, to write the adaptation. Although there is no production schedule, the project received an Amazon commitment.


By Larry Niven

This 1970 novel follows the story of a man who lived on Earth in 2850. Mainly out of boredom, he decides to join an expedition to a mysterious ring-shaped ship discovered beyond the limits of known space. Niven's novel spawned four sequels and four prequels, and inspired future science fiction writers to use similar ring-shaped megastructures in their tales, including the "Halo Array" in the video game series. Halo.

Syfy initially retained the rights to the television series, but was later transferred to Amazon Studios for adaptation. The series was one of several science fiction projects selected by the studio for its streaming. However, the 2017 announcement was not accompanied by any additional information.

The Sirens of Titan

By Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

The second novel by acclaimed science fiction author Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., The Sirens of Titan, sends the richest and most privileged man on Earth in the 22nd century on an interplanetary journey of self-discovery like a war between Earth and Mars. The adventures of the protagonist Malachi Constant serve as an exploration of the nature of the free will, among other philosophical concepts and the value of human history.

The co-creator of Rick and Morty, Dan Harmon, and the writer of Small Crimes, Evan Katz, are adapting Sirens of Titan for television. Harmon cites Vonnegut's work as a major influence on his own science fiction narrative. Harmon and Katz's involvement was first announced in July 2017, the latest project update.


By Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons, and John Higgins

As a deconstruction of the modern superhero saga, Watchmen it unfolds in an alternate timeline where beings with superpowers changed the course of human history, to be driven underground, imprisoned, or forced to retreat. Moore's story uses the tropes of superhero mythology to explore the human condition and the anxieties of the modern world, from geopolitical tensions to the morality of vigilantism and government surveillance. The limited series, which has been called one of the best comics ever published, follows several members of a team of superheroes who came out of retirement to investigate the murder of one of their former teammates.

Watchmen was adapted as an action movie by director Zack Snyder in 2009, receiving regular reviews and a disappointing box office. However, the story returns returns to the screen in the form of the series Watchmen from HBO. Released in 2019, the series unfolds several decades after the events of the cmic and follows a group of masked vigilantes with the aim of igniting a revolution, while others do their best to stop them.

Snow crash

By Neal Stephenson

Hiro Protagonist is a part-time pizza delivery boy and full-time hacker in this classic cyberpunk from 1992. In the story, Hiro and his friend YT (Yours Truly) navigate a future world in which the government has relinquished control. to criminal organizations and massive corporations. When Hiro takes possession of a dangerous database, he soon finds himself at the center of a mystery with implications for both the real world and Metaverse, a virtual reality Internet where the power is given by the ability to encode.

In August 2017, Amazon Studios announced that it planned to turn Stephenson's novel into a drama series for its platform. streaming. Director of Attack the BlockJoe Cornish was chosen to direct the film adaptation of the book, and he would also fill the role of executive producer on the television series. However, in December 2019 it was announced that HBO Max will continue development of the series alongside Paramount and that Cornish will remain as executive producer.

Y: The Last Man

Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra

What if all the male mammals in the world were to die suddenly, leaving a man and his pet monkey as the only living carriers of the "Y" chromosome?

That's the premise of Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra's innovative and award-winning comic series, which debuted in 2002 and followed artist Yorick Brown and his Capuchin monkey friend Ampersand on a peak journey that took them around the world. , while dealing with the ramifications of all the other male mammals, who suddenly fell dead for unknown reasons.

One of the best comic series of the modern era, Y: The Last Man It has been the subject of numerous unsuccessful attempts at adaptation over the years. After it was initially announced in 2015, FX was developing the series with Vaughan as writer and co-producer Michael Green (American Gods) and Aida Mashaka Croal (Jessica Jones) were named co-showrunners on the project.

FX announced in April 2018 that it had ordered a pilot for the series, and a few months later, actor Barry Keoghan (The Killing of a Sacred Deer, Dunkirk) was cast as Yorick, Diane Lane as Yorick's mother, Imogen Poots as Yorick's sister, and Lashana Lynch as Agent 355.

However, after posting a promotional image for the series, FX announced in April 2019 that Green and Croal had left the show due to creative differences with the network. Instead, Eliza Clark assumed (Animal Kingdom), which confirmed that production is still ongoing.

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