These are the new videos of the HTC One M9

These are the new videos of the HTC One M9

HTC one m9 rear

As is normal when a company wants to sell something, especially if it is something related to the telephone, go to promotional videos that they distribute by all means, be they television, written press or You Tube. They usually make a series of videos in which their terminal is shown in great detail and clearly with no flaws. In addition they always drop some "pullita" for the competition.

This is what has happened with HTC and its new terminal, the HTC One M9. From today we can enjoy your promotional videos on You tube, which we will begin to see very soon by all means. We just need to arrive in Spain so that we start to see this type of advertising on television.

This is the way you have to sell your new HTC terminal. With a video that collects everything new that the terminal offers us. Like the camera, the design or the new version of Sense 7.

As we can see in the video, it touches almost all the good sections that the terminal has. It shows us the new design that brings brushed aluminum in two colors, the new cameras 20 megapixels for the rear and 4 ultrapixels for the front camera – the same that we see in previous versions of the HTC One -, we also see how we have a section on very good photo retouching, with which we can do many interesting things.

They are not left to the personalization layer forgotten, and show in quite detail the function we have of change the widget main depends on where we are located. An interesting function, but that as usually happens with this type of thing, in the end we will not use for the cost of battery that supposes.

A very complete video, where HTC sells its new device as it has to. We will see if you choose another format to do it on television or continue with this one. Personally, if there was no tester already the terminal, the video leaves me very good feelings.

I leave the HTC channel so you can see all the videos they have.

What do you think of the new promotion video?