YouTube lowers the quality of its videos globally to reduce Internet consumption

YouTube videos will be available by default in SD quality worldwide to avoid hogging Internet bandwidth



 reduce the quality of


 of your videos and begin to offer by default the standard quality option in all the contents of your platform, according to

a report released by Bloomberg

. The measure seeks to reduce the company's traffic demand with the aim of preserving the Internet infrastructure in the midst of

coronavirus epidemic


YouTube users will gradually start to watch SD quality videos (480p) by default, although they will be able to access a better definition if they adjust manually to increase the definition.

"We are working together with governments and companies around the world to minimize the stress and demand on global networks in this unprecedented context," the company said in a statement released by Bloomberg. In this way, YouTube expands the measure that it had implemented last week in Europe to reduce bandwidth consumption in the Old Continent, one of the regions hardest hit by the advance of the epidemic of



The Alphabet subsidiary firm's announcement is in line with the latest changes implemented by various technology industry benchmarks.


reduced data consumption

 25% of its catalog content is transmitted and, like YouTube, it also maintains the standard definition options, HD and Ultra HD, available upon user request. The same measure was also taken by


, which reduce the amount of data in video transmissions both on the social network and



At this point, the

National Communications Entity of Argentina (ENACOM)

 requested a responsible use of the Internet during the period of social, preventive and compulsory isolation that runs until March 31, such as reducing the use of communications via streaming or video calls, in addition to the rational use of online platforms.

Beyond the precautions taken by the authorities and companies, the infrastructure at the national level remains stable, without a significant increase in the consumption curve,

according to the Argentine Internet Chamber (CABASE)



. YouTube lowers the quality of its videos globally to reduce Internet consumption – LA NACION