CSR Racing 2, the ultra realistic racing game

Zynga is a company dedicated to mobile video games with years of experience behind them. His studio Natural Motion Games has already given us joy in the past with the popular game CSR Racing. After a resounding success, they try their luck again with CSR Racing 2.

CSR Racing 2 It is a game that aims to enhance the arguments that made CSR Racing famous, while its creators try to correct the points where the first title faltered. We have played some games in the last hours and, to be honest, the game has a spectacular look (the initial video is going to leave you with your mouth open, android word).

Custom Street Racing 2, a racing game that bets on realistic graphics

CSR Racing 2 is a street racing game that stands out for having improved the graphics of the original title, creating an even more realistic game if possible. In this game we find a template of custom cars including a Ferrari, McLaren P1 Koenigsegg One 1 among many others. The level of detail and customization have increased in all the cars, so we can have a more personalized experience.

csr racing 2 3

In addition to aesthetic customization, we can also improve our vehicle by changing the gear ratio, tire pressure or even the use of nitro. All these improvements will help us to compete on the circuits against the CPU or even against other players via the Internet.

CSR Racing 2 it's found available for free on Google Play, including improvements that we can acquire through micropayments (although we can also obtain them by playing). Of course, the download requires that we install a 537 MB file. And you, were you a big fan of CSR Racing in its day? Were you expecting its sequel (we were surprised that the second search that appears in Google Play when writing CSR Racing is that of «csr racing 3«)?