In the new Amazon app you can buy apps and games cheaper than in Google Play

In the new Amazon app you can buy apps and games cheaper than in Google Play

The closure of Amazon Underground a few months ago was bad news for several users who were taking advantage of the company's online shopping application service. But it was clear that the company was not going to be left out of this fight, indeed, it would return with a renewed platform, and better than the original.

Fortunately it was. Amazon today announced its new app store for Android devices, which is calledAmazon AppStore, which has undergone an impressive redesign, in addition to including a new format that will allow its users to download paid applications for Android devices, and the best thing is that they are much cheaper than their original price.

At first glance, Amazon's improved app store looks just like the others. But, in its operating mode we see the differences compared to other platforms. First, we will not pay for the applications with real money, but we will useAmazon Coins, the same happens with the additions of each game or application, the known payments in-app.

Amazon Coins are virtual currencies that we can buy in the store itself. One hundred Amazon Coins equals one dollar, and as an example thousand Amazon Coins will cost $ 9.70, although it should be noted that the more you buy, the discount will be greater, up to 25% off.

This virtual currency is exclusive to the Amazon application store and unlike the balance of Google Play it does not expire, and since it is linked to our Amazon account, we can use it on any of our Android devices, this includes Fire tablets or Fire TV. Developers can implement reward systems in their applications, through which users receive Coins as a gift, this to continue with the purchase of applications from the store, or added within them.

Because Google does not allow the existence of third-party application stores within Google Play, we must download and install Amazon AppStore manually, accessing with the mobile the web that the company has enabled for this purpose. Once installed, just enough log into our Amazon account, and start enjoying Android apps even cheaper than on Google Play.


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