New Update Motorcycle Camera, front portrait

Exactly two days ago, Motorola released the official update of the motorcycle camera application which has undergone several changes to improve stability and the occasional feature and even new functions.

In this update it was released for the devices moto x4, moto z2 force, moto G6 and its plus version as well as the moto z3 and z3 play, this update has version and was officially released on the 18th of this month by Motorola in the play store.

As for new features, the new portrait mode function for the front camera is included for the moto x4, moto z2 force, moto g6 devices and their plus version, the motion photos for the z2 force devices are also added, and cinematography edition improvements for moto z3.

Other new features include the option to enable and disable Google lens as well as increased compatibility with new voice commands for Google assistant, finally we have several bug fixes and stability improvements since the application is super fluid and the capture of photos is much faster than previous versions.

The portrait mode in the front camera is most impressive in the update since one of the devices that would enjoy and take advantage of this function are the moto x4 since thanks to its 16MP camera the portrait mode is much more accurate and even makes a Better work than in the main cameras.