YouTube Music already shows the lyrics of some songs on its mobile app

One of the things that I personally consider a plus in music apps is the ability to check the lyrics of any song you are listening to. I have been using Musixmatch for a long time for this reason, but it is still a third-party app that I must have installed on my device just for that.

Spotify has long since started showing lyrics in its same app, but it's not until now that Youtube musicapp that I use – He also started doing it Goodbye to Musixmatch?

In order to view the lyrics of a song you have to click on the information icon where the album, year and artist are displayed. Below if you are lucky the lyrics will be displayed. YouTube Music obtains this information through the FindLyrics platform, which, although it has a wide catalog, sometimes does not show the lyrics of little-known artists or in Spanish. It is the latter that is a little discouraging.

With this, I answer my question of whether to abandon Musixmatch is an option and of course it will not, since although it is an extra app on my device, it does not cause a major problem. Also, if the lyrics of a song are not found, you can contribute with it and the community will correct you if you make a mistake.

Hopefully this aspect of the letter library can have a solution similar to the one we mentioned. Meanwhile tell me in the comments box your experience what do you think is best? I read you in the comment box.

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