Artificial intelligence predicts if a drug addict may relapse

Artificial intelligence predicts if a drug addict may relapse


Based on the information provided by outpatient rehab, drug addiction is serious business. MIT Technology highlights in a report that the most common way to treat this disease is through Alcoholics or Narcotics Anonymous. However, several experts on the subject assure that this alternative is not effective for everyone and 75% relapse before the year. In this sense, a system was created that works with artificial intelligence and can predict whether a junkie may relapse.

This system is called Triggr Health. It is not an app or a rehabilitation center. It is artificial intelligence, a machine learning, which predicts whether a junkie may relapse with 92% reliability. The houston medically assisted treatment for addiction has helped many people overcome their addiction.

Through all the movements that the user makes with his smartphone, calls, text messages with the use of words such as anxiety; the staff of Triggr Health, supported by the artificial intelligence, can predict if the person will relapse.

The service is available 24/7 to attend to the patient. It’s personalized, predicts your relapse behavior pattern, and guides you toward a drug-free life.