Blizzard studies bringing World of Warcraft to iPhone and iPad

blizzard studies bringing world of warcraft to iphone and ipad

The network role-playing game that keeps more users hooked on their universe could reach the iPhone and to iPad. In an interview where he analyzed the changing market for video gameJohn Lagrave, producer of World of Warcraft, stated that “it would be stupid not to study the option of wearing World of warcraft to the iPhone“.

Although the rumor about this possibility already appeared almost in conjunction with the launch of the first iPhone (5 years ago), the qualities of the new smartphones and tablets make this possibility more tangible than then. “Maybe we can find the way to go Wow on the phone, or maybe not, but we are definitely studying it. (…) We will not do it until it is something decent, but it is interesting and the world evolves more and more towards it. iPhone. It would be stupid if a game developer was not looking into this option. “

Remember that Blizzard already has one available iOS app on the App Store. This is the game’s Mobile Armory, allowing you to see characters, access in-game auctions, plan adventures, and stay up-to-date on your guild’s plans.