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Entering Facebook is to discover a world as immense as the one we know but inside the computer or mobile, and it is that those of us who have an account on this social network know perfectly well that we will find many of our relatives, friends, acquaintances and their once friends with them, so it is a way of weaving social relationships that is unmatched in the world. Not for nothing, There are thousands of our readers interested in being able to enter Facebook in Spanish, so we are going to teach you how to do it.

Enter Facebook

How to enter Facebook for free and fast?

Let’s start with the first thing then, and that is if you want to take advantage of this social network, the first thing will be leave behind those problems of “I cannot enter Facebook”, and start following these steps that we tell you. First of all, you must enter the official website of this platform from this link, and you will see then that you have two options, if you already have an account, log in at the top right, and if not, register by entering all the data, a procedure that it takes just five minutes and is really easy.

If you have already been able to enter Facebook in Spanish from Spain, then you will see that little by little a huge number of options begin to appear to you to enjoy, for example on one side of the screen, all those that have to do directly with the social part through pages or groups, the first alternative to publicize an enterprise or company that we may have, and the second, for example, to organize all the events that interest us together with our friends, quickly and easily.

Then of course, you will see that there is a kind of personal page, which is what when entering Facebook for free is called wall, and where appropriate you will find that you can post all kinds of content, from plain and plain texts, to more complex ones, such as photographs that may belong to your last outing or birthday party, and not to mention videos, which are becoming more and more common on Facebook as well.

Precisely in this last aspect, the video is not a minor detail if we consider that one of the great advantages of Facebook over YouTube, for example, is that it is much easier to upload our videos to this site. For this reason, statistics report that an increasing number of users take the opportunity to share their videos on this social network before the most famous video website.

Finally, although it is impossible to enter Facebook without registering, you have to know that when you have achieved it, and always remembering your email and password, you will also have the chance to take advantage of your mobile device to check all the news from your acquaintances and friends within of this social network. As you have seen, Entering Facebook is getting easier and easier, and we no longer have reasons to stop taking it with us everywhere.

Facebook in Spanish – How to enter Facebook

When we think about the main applications as social networks in the world, we know that Facebook is one of the most important, and of course, no one misses that it is extremely popular either. In this case, and given the doubts that many of our readers have, we want to show you the details regarding how to access Facebook in Spanish, as quickly and easily as possible. Without entering into conflicts with our pc or mobile to enter Facebook in Spanish.

Facebook in Spanish

How to enter Facebook in Spanish for free?

If you want to enter Facebook in Spanish from Spain, the first thing you should do then is click on this link, which will take you directly to the home page of the most popular social network in the world, in just seconds. After that, You will have the possibility of communicating from Facebook in Spanish with friends and all those close to you, uploading photos and sending private messages to be aware of everything that happens with them.

As you will see, entering my Facebook in Spanish and the initial session does not pose any challenge, and then of course, it is time to start learning a little more about the functions and tools that this platform has. First of all clear, You will see a profile section after registering, in which you can define much of the information that you would like other people to see -or not- about you.

Once you have been able to log into Facebook in Spanish, you can start use your search engine at the top middle of the screen to find all the people you know from real life, or why not from other social networks like Twitter or Instagram, and send them your friend requests, in order to have more friends on Facebook in Spanish, and be entertained in style-

When you already have all your family members on Facebook in Spanish, it will begin at the moment of interacting in this social network, and let’s suppose then that you have your birthday party and that you have taken a huge number of photographs, then you can upload them one by one, and the platform itself will collaborate with you by tagging all attendees, so that they know that the photos are already there and can start commenting on them between them as soon as possible.

Not only that, in recent times, Facebook in Spanish for free has also become an excellent platform to see all our favorite videos, one in which it is even easier to upload content than to YouTube. Thanks to it, you will have the possibility to upload your recordings with friends or family, and tag them again.

And not to mention so many other functions that are part of Facebook in Spanish for Spain, when we think about the possibility of developing the pages of our own companies or ventures, the formation of groups with friends with whom we usually go out on weekends or do sports to organize the next events, and many others that seem to us the most attractive of this social service.

Enter Facebook from the browser

Well, of course one of the most common questions that users have is related to learning how to enter the social network through a browser. If you want to enter Facebook from Firefox, Chrome or any other browser, follow these steps:

  • Enter the official Facebook site from your browser through
  • When you are there you will see two boxes, in which you have to put your email or username and your password
  • After that click Enter
  • So you can access your Facebook profile in Spanish
  • If you wish, go to the top right of your screen and enter Settings
  • There go to Security and login
  • Then to Login and Login with your profile picture
  • In this section enter Remember password
  • Close the account
  • The system will send you to the main page
  • To access your profile, you will only have to enter the photograph that distinguishes it

Enter Facebook from your mobile

Of course, although we can access Facebook from the computer and at the beginning we all did, with the passage of time It also became possible to enter Facebook from the iOS or Android mobile, so let’s show you how:

  • Open the Facebook application, which you can download from the Google Play or App Store
  • When you have entered, enter your email or username and your password

You have to take into account, in the same way, that On mobile devices we also do not lose the possibility of accessing our Facebook account from the browser, following the same steps in the previous tutorial that we have taught you.

In fact, when talking about trick to open two Facebook accounts on the same smartphoneOne of the easiest ways to do it is by opening a profile from the official application, and another from the browser that we have installed.

I can’t connect to my Facebook account, how do I fix it?

Now, we know that beyond the previous steps that we have been teaching, some users experience problems when connecting to their accounts, so we are going to review these drawbacks along with the solutions that you should analyze:

Recover account

An unfortunately too common problem is that of lost passwords, so what we recommend in those cases is that if you want to recover your Facebook account, look for a device in which you have entered it.

At first you have to try to log in in the usual way, but then follow these steps:

  • Below the space where you should add your email or username and your password, look for Have you forgotten your account details?
  • Enter that section
  • A window will open that will ask us to enter a phone number, email, username, etc., associated with our profile
  • From that, a series of instructions will appear that we have to follow in detail, and that are not complicated at all
  • You will receive a Facebook code on your mobile or email, which will allow you to access your account
  • Then you can change the password to put one that you remember without problems

This tutorial that we have just taught you is useful in practically all cases in which you have a Facebook account that you have not logged into for a long time. or something similar. Therefore, if you want to forget about these complications forever, all you have to do is follow these steps, which will save you time compared to trying all possible passwords.

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