Google’s Artificial Intelligence would be used against child pornography


Did you know that Artificial intelligence Google is used against child pornography? As you read it: to process images in the search for content related to child pornography within the Network, in order to speed up its identification without the need for a publication to have been previously classified as pornography.

According to what was announced on the official Google blog, the new tool is available to NGOs and business partners for free through access to the Content Security programming interface (API), and uses neural networks to image processing.

The main change, with respect to the procedures carried out so far to identify child pornography is to find this content based exclusively on the comparison with pieces of known pornography, the tool of Artificial intelligence keeps up with criminals by also targeting content that has not previously been confirmed as child pornography.

Google has been fighting child pornography on the Internet since the early 2000s, and collaborates with other organizations. With these initiatives, as is the tool Artificial intelligence, the company intends to scale up the fight against child pornography content.