Hacked iCloud photos of nude celebrities posted

The hackers, in addition to allegedly stealing the contents of iCloud, have used the Twitter network with the hashtag #CelebGate to achieve a greater impact of what happened and share them with the users of the social network.

According to different media, the photographs of the actresses were uploaded to iCloud through the Photo Stream application. Some of the affected actresses have issued messages on Twitter indicating that these are images made a long time ago and that they would even have been deleted by those affected some time ago.

Among the affected actresses are Selena Gómez, Kayley Couco, Avril Lavigne or Jennifer Lawrence, although some of them have denied that the published photographs correspond with them.

Apple has not commented on the matter about the possible foray into its iCloud platform. Similarly, many people are taking advantage of the impact of the #CelebGate hashtag to post all kinds of content.