Logitech Launches Surface Imitation iPad Keyboard

If you look at both keyboards, the Microsoft and that of Logitech, seem strikingly similar, although the one who will use the iPad It is logically smaller than that of the Surface, but the scale measurements are quite similar.

But, unlike previous keyboards of Surface Y iPad, the new logitech keyboard does not appear to be an integral part of the iPad. The photos provided by the manufacturer show the keyboard independently, and this could be interesting for those who do not want to type on the screen of their iPad.

One of the major claims of the new keyboard is that it will be completely sealed in what Logitech call FabricSkin. Therefore, it will be able to withstand falling liquids or small bread crumbs, for example, without being damaged. In addition, you will have a mechanical typing system inside, which implies that users will have a good typing experience. The price of this keyboard is 71.99 euros.

Others accessories specially designed for iPad’s Logitech They are a Type + protective case with integrated keyboard for iPad Air 2, It has an automatic on and off feature, depending on the position of the keyboard. It costs 105 euros.

Finally, if what you need is something less resistant, there is also the Ultrathin magnetic cover, with its own battery for two years. Its price, 99.99 euros.