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Access is a software whose purpose is the management of databases. This program is quite useful when we are making a report and we have several duplicates of it. Therefore, it is appropriate to know when it is necessary to delete them. In this post we are going to show you how to make a query to remove duplicate data from Access, in a very simple way.

Microsoft Access and Duplicate Data

Before getting into the matter, in relation to doing a query to eliminate duplicate data from Access, it is necessary to talk about this program. As we already said before, Microsoft Access is a software, designed to manage databases. Its translation is Access and is part of the Microsoft Office package, designed to do office tasks in your computer. It is considered a program used to manage data through reports.

It has very specific and useful functions. The database can be shaped, without the need for laborious processes. Each database can be Customize perfectly and you don’t have to have a developer on hand. Several templates are available to you, thus saving you time.

Another of the basic and striking functions of Access is that you can share all the databases. This program can interact perfectly with other programs such as Word, Excel and Power Point. Its installation is very simple and they can import data very quickly, without major complications.

It is a very beneficial program for small and medium businesses. However, it is not an ideal software for large corporations, since the large amount of data is much greater.

Another aspect that does not convince users much is the low security it offers, compared to other programs. Similarly, it is still a program with great virtues. Now that we know about this program, let’s see how to make a query to make the duplicate data from Access.

Step by Step to Eliminate Duplicates

To make a query and remove duplicate data from Access, you will need to do the following:

  1. The first thing you should do is open the Access program on your computer. Next you must choose Microsoft Office.
  2. You will observe the alternative Open. Then, you must select the file that contains the database in which you want to do the duplicate query. Next, you must press the key open in the file you chose.
  3. You must choose the alternative create. After doing this, you will see the phrase Consultation assistant. Then you will see the word inquiries and you must select the option New query.
  4. Once all the previous steps have been done, you will see Find duplicates query wizard. This is the alternative you should choose. Next, you must press the option To accept. After this, you must select the table for which you want to run the duplicate query.
  5. The button will appear next. After this, you will see some boxes next to the fields you want to search, so that they are chosen. Again, you must choose the option next.

Final Steps to Remove Duplicates from your Database

  1. Then you can see the option Finalize, which you must choose to make the query possible. A pop-up window will be displayed as a search result. This window will show you all the duplicate records.
  2. You must click on each duplicate that you want to delete. The design tab will appear, which you must press. After completing these steps, you must choose the option delete, which is located in type of query. Then you will see the alternative look for duplicates. This sentence will become the cancellation alternative.
  3. You will have to find the key that says run. Later, you will need to press the button Yes, from a pop-up window that you will see on your screen. Once this is done, the duplicate data you had will be completely removed.

Doing each of these steps patiently, you already have your query to eliminate duplicate data in Access. Don’t stop sharing this step by step with your friends!