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Adobe PhotoShop is a tool that results from very useful for anyone with an artistic spark. Not just graphic designers or photographers. And a clear example of this is the fact of being able to make modifications even to the texts of said application.

If this is your case, and you want with all your might to learn to do very original things, you’ve probably come to the right place. On this specific occasion, we will teach you step by step, how to use text with caramelized style. Perfect for Christmas designs.

Steps to Follow to Learn How to Use Candy Text in PhotoShop

The first thing we will have to do to achieve that attractive text style in our PhotoShop editions. It is open our program regardless of the version in which we have it installed. Now, once we have opened our Adobe PhotoShop we will have to go to the bar located at the top of it.

In this bar we will look for the option that says: Archive. And we will press with our mouse on it, displaying in this way a list with the program menu. In this way, we will search through all the available options until we find the one that says: New.

As expected, we will press on the mentioned option and it should open a window with the configuration of our new project. In this window we will have to specify that the project we will create it will have the dimensions of: 150 x 150 pixels. And in addition to this, we will make sure that have white background.

With the project created, we will move to the right side of the screen to be able to create a new layer with transparent background. Next we will select the tool Brush and we will configure it so that your thickness be 20 pixels. At the same time, we will select the red color and make sure that the brush This at 100% Hardness.

With all of the above prepared, we will two horizontal lines on the layer we have created. One at the bottom of the image and one approximately in the middle of the image. If you don’t have a very developed pulse, don’t worry, it’s okay if the lines aren’t completely straight.

Next we will go to the layer that we have just created and click on the option Filter. And in the menu that will be displayed we will click on the section that says: Distortion. And likewise, we will select the parameter of “Shrink”Which should open a new configurable window.

Within this window we will not have to do much, we will only look for the modifiable box of “quality”. This option will be automatically set to 100%, but we we need it at 70%. Now, for this change to take effect, we will have to press the button “okay”.

To continue, we will access the menu “Edition“And we will immediately click on”Transform”. In this section we will click on the parameter “Rotate the Image 45 °”And we will adjust the image. We will have to position it so that it completely enters our background box.

This image that we have created will have to be converted into a “reason“, We will do this from the menu”Edition”. Within this, we will click on the option that says: Define reason. Saving in this way the image as a new motif with a name of our preference.

Now, every time we are going to write a text within PhotoShop, we can access the text layer. And enter the layer styles, since in this place we will be able to choose “overlapping motifs”. At the same time as the motif you just created. Within the same panel we will mark the options of: Bevel and Emboss And ready!