PC Games Warcraft 4: Release Date and Leaks There are many times that Blizzard has left doors …

There are many times that Blizzard has left doors open about what would be Warcraft 4, something that fans have been demanding for almost 13 years. It is for this reason that when Tom Morten hinted that they would start working with the saga everyone shouted to heaven. During BlizzCon 2015, the person in charge of Starcraf II, Tim, has opened a door that would be very difficult for them to close because the gamer are already very excited.


At the press conference several directors of Blizzard spoke about the new projects and what they hope to do when they are finished, reaching the end they began to give a few hints related to Warcraft 4.

Warcraft 4 rumors and leaks

When the press conference was taking place, at one point Morten says that they are very concentrated working on Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void and had only gone to talk about the topics that they had on the agenda. But since they were asked if they had been thinking about Warcraft, that was when They answered that they love real-time strategy games and it is one of the genres they like the most.

Also agrThey said that the world of Starcraft is really impressive and that of Warcraft is full of stories to count and make a great game. What they want to do is listen to the players, know a little more what they expect, what they want and would like to see in a game. But for the moment they are still working with the second part of Starcraft, that keeps them very busy and that is why no decision has been made.


The truth is that despite the amount of hints and comments where they said they want to know what people think, we have been left with several doubts, but also with a little hope.

Wacraft 4 release

As you can imagine there is no release date since it was not officially confirmed that they would continue with the Warcraft saga. But after all that has been said, Morten has given us a little hope, since they said that when they finished working with Starcraft, they would get together as a team to see what the next project will be.

Apparently that project could be warcraft 4 It is for this reason that they want to know what the fans think, although we also have to be vigilant because in the end they could start with a new one because now they have new IPs therefore for now, everything is simply up in the air.