Storage: New generation Fujitsu ETERNUS CS guarantees to simplify the copies of …


In the realm of backup and archive solutions for businesses of all sizes, Fujitsu continues to make its mark; this time, announcing the new generation of ETERNUS CS storage systems with the models ETERNUS CS200c, which includes CommVault software, and the ETERNUS CS800, developed for customers who are implementing one or more backup suites.

Sources from the Minato leader have provided the data, highlighting that both teams can be seen at the “Fujitsu Forum” in Munich, which will take place on November 18 and 19.

Regarding the attributes of these new Fujitsu exemplars for organizations, it is worth mentioning that have been designed for immediate use, reducing overall costs and dependency on internal resourcesIt also reduces the risks associated with lost backups, failure to restart after a disaster or corruption of sensitive data due to inexperienced handling.

ETERNUS CS storage systems are optimized for easy disk backup, with data de-duplication, replication, and keep services running when the system goes down.

Fujitsu ETERNUS CS800 S6

Designed for small and medium-sized companies, this team -from 8 to 120TB- chaired by Tatsuya Tanaka combines fast backup and restoration of information from disk, with advanced de-duplication technology. Plus, it ensures replication while dramatically reducing complexity.

Delving into these aspects, it is necessary to mention that the new generation of ETERNUS CS800 also includes Veritas NetBackup Accelerator support, for faster backup, dramatically reducing the load on the network and facilitating compliance with service level agreements.

In addition to the above, enhancements to VMware backup and recovery it requires less hardware, as well as lower costs for these licenses. Additionally, individual files, folders, databases, and applications can be restored, rather than the effort of all virtual machines as other systems generally require.


Is all-in-one archiving and backup solution that allows a quick and uncomplicated installation, incorporates powerful technology and CommVault software. He is able to support cloud backup for 20+ cloud storage platforms And it has a wide range of performance and cost optimized models with flexible licensing options that offer the customer freedom of choice and respond to their different needs.

Further, ensures improved automation that facilitates the work of project managers.