Super Bowl 2017: an edition full of technology and curiosities


Seeing the Super Bowl 2017 will be possible in 360 … As you read it: Virtual reality comes to the Super Bowl. From the comfort of your home, you can be part of the final of the Super bowl, one of the largest sporting events on the planet, thanks to the collaboration of the producer of virtual reality LIVE Like VR with the television network Fox Sports that will transmit in virtual reality VR departs from the meeting between the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons on February 5.

During the presentation of the agreement, Miheer Walavalkar, co-founder of LIVE Like VR commented on this virtual reality at the Super Bowl 2017, “I can’t imagine a better way for us to potentially introduce millions of people to the virtual reality that literally the biggest entertainment event on the planet “

Although FOX Sports and LIVE Like VR had broadcast several live football games in VR separately, they will jointly bring virtual reality to the 2017 Super Bowl for American football fans, allowing them to enjoy 20 summaries of the best games in the preview of the game, such as the duel between Tom Brady and Matt Ryan, and four of the most important plays of each quarter almost in real time, which can be repeated and seen whenever the viewer so wishes.

To achieve the experience of virtual reality at the end of Super Bowl 2017, LIVE Like VR and FOX Sports They will use 4K resolution cameras throughout Houston’s NRG Stadium: two in the press room, two mounted on cars and two more in each end zone for a total of six cameras that will give different perspectives of the game.

The final match between the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons can be seen in virtual reality by downloading the FOX Sports VR application available for IOS Y Android, where you will also receive notifications when new featured items are available. FOX Sports VR also has a “magic window” mode that allows anyone to view the 360-degree footage from the phone, without the need for VR devices.

Super Bowl 2017 curiosities

Houston NRG StadiumThe NRG Stadium in Houston, scene of the Super Bowl final with a great display of technology such as virtual reality in its broadcasts

By the end of Super Bowl 2017 this February 5, virtual reality will be one of the many technological attractions that this event will have. The NRG Stadium in Houston, where the final game between the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons will take place, has a retractable roof, free Wi-Fi for attendees, and all stadium lights are powered by LEDs of 600 solar panels.

The 70 cameras used to keep track of a detail are mostly HD and one of the curiosities that have attracted the attention of this Super Bowl 2017 is a bag developed by Frito-Lay, which will warn fans when there is a high level of alcohol in the body. As you read: Tostitos bags have a microcontroller that detects traces of alcohol on your breath and if you have a level higher than allowed, the package will flash a bright red with the words “Do not drink and drive.” It should be noted that since the NFL playoffs earlier this month the PepsiCo affiliate launched this campaign of its Party Safe bags.

The commercials are another of the attractions of the Super Bowl 2017 after the game, which this year reaches five million dollars for just 30 seconds of projection on television, according to Kantar Media, that not only become famous on television but on the Internet. According to a YouTube study, since 2008, the twenty most viewed ads have seen more than 440 million minutes viewed, the equivalent of 1.8 million times of the party itself. Super bowl.

And half-time entertainment could not be left behind, one of the most anticipated by viewers of the Super bowl of each year, which this time will be in charge of Lady Gaga, from which a performance full of technological innovations is expected on stage since the NFL will invest 10 million in her interpretation, which will be allocated to the assembly, making it the most expensive in the history of this sporting event.