“Tweet”, “Tweet”, “Tweet” or “Tweet” will enter the RAE Dictionary

There is no doubt that the social network Twitter It has caused a significant change in the way people communicate and report today. To the point that many of the concepts of use of this medium are already colloquial words in conversations in the real world such as “tweet” or “tweeter”.

Now has been the Royal Spanish Academy of the Language which has realized the importance of these concepts and has decided to regularize and standardize it. Thus, the director of the RAE, José Manuel Blecua, has announced the Spanishization of four of the most common terms (“Tweet “,” Tweet “,” Tweet “or” Tweet”) And its subsequent inclusion in the Academic Dictionary.

“We should not be scared by innovations or challenges. The owners of the language are the speakers,” Blecua said during this announcement, curiously relayed on Twitter.

This is the second major announcement from the RAE regarding the inclusion of technology words so far this year. In June, the Royal Academy of Language admitted terms such as blog, Geek, memory stick, SMS, tablet or USB into the academic dictionary.

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