Aperture 3 arrives

In the new version, more than two hundred new features have been included to those already present in the previous version, among which the following stand out: Faces, Places and Brushes. It also includes: eight new themes (six of them already included in iPhoto 09 and two new ones) and the possibility of integration with social networks (FaceBook or Flickr), as well as for MobileMe.

These three most notable features are already well known by iPhoto users and their integration in Aperture 3 could have been due to an attempt to bring it closer to a greater number of digital photography enthusiasts.

Caras performs an analysis of the features of the people photographed, which can later be identified in all the images that are cataloged in Aperture 3. For its part, Places allows the photographs to be located (geo-positioning) using the information attached to the cameras with integrated GPS in the images, as well as those taken by the iPhone (in any case the user can define the positioning coordinates manually).

Finally, Brushes, is an easy way to quickly touch-up and has up to 15 different brushes, by default.

Requirements and price

The minimum requirements for Aperture 3 are: Mac OS 10.5.8 or 10.6, Intel processor and 1 GB of RAM memory (2 GB for Mac Pro), 1 GB free hard disk for installation, as well as 7 GB minimum for the sample library.

There is a 30-day trial version that you can get from here. The price of Aperture 3 is 200 EUR and 100 EUR as an upgrade.