MySpace launches an iTunes competitor with 5 million artists

The partnership between EMI Music, Sony BMG Music, Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group with MySpace, announced last April, is based on the social network including new sharing tools between users, as well as new ways for musicians can sell their music and other associated products.

Several initial reviews have praised MySpace Music’s user interface and business model, aimed at generating revenue through advertising by large companies such as McDonald, State Farm, and Toyota, as well as sales of associated products and ticket sales. concerts.

Users can listen to music for free or purchase music as a download from a catalog of five million artists, powered by Amazon’s MP3 download service.

The first phase of the site includes a new tool “MyMusic” destined to the tasks of downloading, streaming music and personalizing the musical content of the users, as well as the creation of public or private playlists. Users can listen on demand to music corresponding to a friend’s playlist. Users can also purchase DRM-free MP3 files on top of any of these files for the time being in the United States. MySpace indicates that the “Buy” buttons available on the site will allow users to purchase MP3 music that can be played on all digital music devices, including iPods.