Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2: Launch, Features and Everything …


The successor of the Galaxy Z Flip could be coming. As you read: Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 it could be presented at any time … or not. The launch of the new Samsung foldable should occur in early 2021, and rumors are already beginning to emerge about the news that this smartphone will have. We are going to review the rumors about its main characteristics.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip - Unlocked Android Smartphone from ...

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip – Unlocked Android Smartphone from …

  • For US buyers: This smartphone is only compatible / will only work with certain GSM networks. For exact compatibility …
  • 1 physical SIM card (Nano-SIM) – 1 eSIM. Network compatibility: SIM card 1[2GGSM850/900/1800/1900and/or3GUTMS850(B5)/900(B8)/1700-[2GGSM850/900/1800/1900y/o3GUTMS850(B5)/900(B8)/1700-

Galaxy Z Flip 2: Features

According to Ice Universe, this folding model could have a 120 Hz screen, and with a narrower and cheaper frame than the first version. Although Ice Universe is right with its leaks, we will have to wait for more details of this mobile to come to light.

And the truth is that we are not sure when we will be able to have official information from the South Korean company, but some media have already released some keys to this mobile.

Galaxy Z Flip 2 launch

Rumors about the Galaxy Z Flip 2 have focused more on its release date and not its features. It was presumed that it would be in early 2021 along with the Galaxy S30 or S21, on which it is estimated that it will be presented at the beginning of next year.

However, Korean media outlet TheLec claims that the Galaxy Z Flip 2 will not be released alongside the S21. If this information is true, Samsung would give a twist to the official presentations of its terminals, since it has us used to reveal, in the same event, a smartphone together with a new folding mobile, as TechRadar reviews.

This is the question everyone asks about the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2. There is no certainty about it. The only thing that all the rumors agree on is that Samsung, like everyone else on the planet, has had a rather atypical year 2020 and that perhaps it is reconsidering many of its launch strategies and has a few surprises in store for us such as, for example, the separate launch of the Galaxy S21 and Z Flip 2, with the latter being officially unveiled after the first quarter of 2021. Time will tell.